Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Please give us the real story about your comeback!

There are so many tales, tall and short, spinning about in rumourville about the former Miss World and her now-hibernating career. And we have been guilty of making Aishwarya a gorgeous piece of gossip, too!

Ok, so here’s the deal. Yes, we called Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fat, though not in so many words. We have been taking multiple cracks at the beauty for her weight issues, we know. And we have compared her unfavourably on many occasions to other celebs whom we consider have dealt with the aftermath of a pregnancy better than she has. We know that. And though we plead guilty to all those crimes, we have our reasons. And the main one is our craving to see those luminous eyes gazing out at us from the big screen once again, this time with all the empathy and maturity that motherhood brings to every woman. Yeah, so now you know. Our motives are pure. We want Ash back!

And she seems to be stepping in the right direction to make our cravings come true. We just heard from our buddy the birdie that Aishwarya has peeked back into the working woman’s world and is going to be endorsing some fabulous jewellery in an even more fabulous two-year deal worth a rumoured Rs 20 crore! Of course, Aishwarya still has her existing endorsements to work on, which must give her a more-than-steady generous income, but this one – and many more in the pipeline, we are told – will add all that moolah to her overflowing kitty.

But that is not all, and not what we wanted from Abhishek Bachchan’s biwi. Another one of our feathered friends chirps very confidentially that Aishwarya is seriously considering the lead role in a new South film that is still shrouded in not just a veil, but a veritable fog of mystery. It is said to be woman-centric and has our fave woman all gung ho about it, but nothing else has come floating down the wire about it. The folks down South like their women nicely rounded, so Ash is in perfect shape for this one. Yes, yes, we took another swipe – after all, we are allowed to be envious of the fact that the southern audiences will get to see her before we in Bollywood do! Sigh!

And here’s something else to chew on – we heard tell that hubby Abhishek will soon be seen in a new Mani Ratnam film. Is this the one wifey Ash is gonna make her re-entry into tinselville with? Guru, anyone? We will not, of course, for our own sanity, mention that thud called Raavan….


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