Aishwarya Rai Bachchan pregnancy: Why so top secret?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan pregnancy: Why so top secret?

The actor and her family are yet to release any details about her state of well-being. We wonder why

When Amitabh Bachchan first tweeted that daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai was pregnant, we were ecstatic. Yay! But since then, every report about the status of her pregnancy has been categorically denied by the Bachchans. No, she is not having twins. No, she is not having a C-section on the ‘auspicious’ date of November 11. No, her doctor didn’t give any special, early morning appointments. No, Abhishek did not ask for paternity leave from shooting Dhoom:3. No details of her godh bharai (baby shower) were revealed, despite a fan frenzy outside her home on that day. And now the latest denial: That the Bachchans were not responsible for the directive from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting saying the media should take care about covering the delivery of Baby B. Senior Bachchan even wrote on his blog that the family was having a lot of fun over the “entirely made up reports” about his bahu‘s baby bites. Hey, when there is no news coming from you, there will be speculation, Mr B. That’s human nature. Ash has rarely been seen outside her home once her pregnancy was announced – was that because she needs rest? Considering her age, it must be a difficult pregnancy. We understand. Ash wants her privacy, and we are willing to respect that, but shouldn’t she respect her fans too? It is thanks to those same fans that she is still in demand at Cannes, she gets a wax statue in London and earns crores in endorsements. The least she can do is issue a statement about her well-being. Is that too much to ask? Or is there a set of rules we need to follow to get some information on that one? Whatever the case may be, we are willing to wait and keep a keen eye on Twitter to nab AB’s announcements of birth, sex, weight, looks and, of course, name. Tweet tweet, Mr B!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • unknown

    wow that article is so uncalled for! the reason they don’t have to give anyone news of her well-being is because this is not related to her profession as an actor but to her personal life. all actors are entitled to their personal life and privacy and do not “owe” their fans any description of what happens in that area. the only thing they actually owe to their fans is a good onscreen performance and occasional interviews on their movies and future professional projects. you are an example of how skewed the media has become in thinking that they are actually “entitled” to information which is of no relevance whatsoever besides getting people to read your stories and to buy your publications. how pathetic!

    • DJ

      ahhh. amen to this!

  • Deepa

    I couldn’t have agreed with the above comment more!! Come on, no woman expecting a child would want the roving eyes of the world on her tummy and are entitled to privacy! Just because she is an actor doesn’t exempt her of this right. Like aforesaid, as an actor her responsibility to entertain audience reaches it’s margin at her movies or anything related to that. I mean when is she gonna get married, did she marry a tree as she has a cursed horoscope, when will she have a baby, will she go for C-section and the nonsense has no end to it. No body is supposed to bear pain in their personal life just cause their job is to entertain a cruel society. I just can’t stop thinking how thoughtless a person could have been to write such an article!! If it’s some idiotic man then some woman close to your heart should be made to go through all this and then you should be asked how you feel about it! And is some woman wrote this then God save this world cause i never can imagine such a cruel woman does exist who can make all screen as well as real life vamps till date run for their money! And if you are a woman i am pretty sure subjected to such conditions as Aishwarya given that you have such an unstable brain, you will call it quits before even you come to her state!!

  • Rush

    Bolly B,

    You are such a loser who obviously does not have a life. A baby is such a private thing in one’s life.

    Isn’t it enough that Aish keeps her figure and dances around the fire for you in movies. She gets paid for that. You pay her crores to see her do that. You do NOT pay her crores so she tells you about her private life.

    Imagine if someone wants to know what happens between you and your wife.


  • Monty

    I am the biggest fan of Aish,but I have no problem with her being so private about her pregnancy. She has every right to be private,she has to think about the baby. And she doesn’t owe anything to anybody especially not the insensitive media. What has the media done for her,but put her down? They called her fat at Cannes, they scrutinized her choice of dresses and claim she never gets it right even though she gets it more right than wrong. Only time she got it wrong was her first/second Cannes appearance. Ever since then she got it right, but they still say every new year at Cannes that she finally got it right even though she’s been getting it right since 2004-2011.They called her fat while she was pregnant even though all women gain weight during pregnancy. Let’s not forget how they married her off to a tree,proclaimed her manglik,and even said she couldn’t conceive even though she obviously can! There’s just so many things they’ve done to her and the Bachans just to sell their story and make money that it’s not even worth mentioning and now they beg to get some info, but why should she give it if they are ruthless to her.

  • Tejas manek

    Hey i wish SIR AMITABH BACHAN should get a gift from her daughter in law a small baby angel…..

  • Anonymous

    CONGRATZ to the Bachan household!! I’m so happy for all of you! Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

    • narendra

      if the bachans want to keep everything under wraps, the media should totally boycott them. they are celebrities and this is the price they should pay..their life is for public display!!!

  • Carlos Colombia

    Qué mujer tan bella y excelente actriz. Su canto y bailes hacen todo un sueño en el cine de Bollywood.
    Felicitaciones preciosa mujer, eres un angel en la tierra.