Aishwarya Rai Bachchan vs Lara Dutta Bhupathi – battle of the bulge!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan vs Lara Dutta Bhupathi – battle of the bulge!

While new mummy Lara is almost back to being yummy, Ash seems to be in no hurry to lose her baby fat five months after her daughter was born

It comes as a shocking contrast. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had her baby five months ago and is reportedly busy enjoying every moment of motherhood, feeding Beti B – whose name, by the way, has still not been officially announced, though ‘Aaradhya’ is her registered moniker, we have heard all about changing nappies, making discreet appearances at various social dos and, at long last, getting back to her professional duties with a long pre-arranged date in Dubai. But what she has obviously not included in her daily routine, though we did hear something about it a while ago, is exercise. While she was happily and justifiably rotund before her baby was born, and nicely voluptuous right after that, she seems to be steadily gaining weight, if we judge by her recent portly self at the Femina awards and more recently at the event in Dubai.

Now even as we huff and puff our collective way through calorie busting at the gym, we must explain why we look so pointedly in Ash’s direction when we talk of being…err…fat, to put it bluntly. It is the contrast to other new mothers that we actually see when we visualize the younger Mrs B. After all, others like Lara Dutta Bhupathi, who is already almost back to her former svelte and sexy self, and style icons like Beyonce, who was always curvy, are shining examples of what is possible. Aishwarya may still look pretty even larger than we have ever seen her, but wethinks it is time that she gets back into some semblance of her pre-baby self, shapely and so worthy of being not just the huge star that she is, but also the health-conscious, healthy-living person she purports to be. Logic being that you cannot be a role model to generations of women if you roll instead of walk!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Pooja

    Lara Dutta looks fat too. Frankly speaking, I don’t see much difference between the two. Of course, nothing against the two, they both have just had babies and are bound to look like this but don’t criticise Aishwarya just for the sake of it. From which angle is Lara appearing “svelte”?

    • Vichar Karim

      Picutres are doctored. Look at the fonts of LOREAL behind her, its horizontally streatched.

  • cata

    both looking terrible.i saw some women were pregnant but they were not looking too ugly.aish and lara should not act in upcoming years

    • Vichar Karim

      Yes Maam, they will take your comment (command) and will never ever act again. Thanks for making the tough decision making process so easy.

    • Sharon

      Why are people so rude! I mean they gave birth and their priority are their kids they looked amazing when they needed too they still look amazing for their age! Just because they are in the public eye don’t mean they are not like the rest of us who gain weight during and after pregnancy stop being so shallow. Nothing lasts forever today you maybe skinny tomorrow maybe a different story. Change the way you think instead of picking on people about weight (that’s not what makes people beautiful)!

  • Nivi

    Both women look beautiful!!! There is absolutely no need to call them fat because they are not! Aishwarya was and STILL IS a role model to all generations of women because she is focusing her attention on her baby and thats whats important, she clearly has her priorities clear and rather than commenting on her figure and how she has not exercised maybe it might be wise to comment on how good a role model and mother she is.

  • Ani C

    Don’t you people have lives? Do you get thrills from criticizing everyone? I wonder what the author looks like, cow, buffalo or elephant?

  • Sam

    This article is gross and offensive.

  • Jojo

    I think people judge her more bec she have never shown her self in public with baby girl. Indian people don’t feel connected to her baby. bec they have never even seen the baby yet. I wonder what is so secret about showing the lill girl to public? If she holds her in her arm with Dad people will stop criticizing her and will see her as a mom of that cute girl not the sexy diva. bec in the end Ash should embrace her age and her status as wife and mother not just being model n diva forever. nothing stays forever sweetie. One day we will all be fat n ugly n old. then what? we dont criticize people for that we congratulate them for being able to have that many days and be able to see the world for that long and thank god for giving the beautiful life.let her be what she is and leave her alone once and all!

    • Vichar Karim

      Because according to Consitution of india She has the right to Privacy, so you can critisize (another consitution right) but you dont have the “right” to see her baby. I think she is making a good decision those camera flashed may blind her baby. taking an infant to public places exposes them to more deceases and immunity in infant are low compared to adults.

  • Anonymous

    Yes we get it BL you think she’s fat. We don’t need to see a million articles on her weight and why she should lose weight. There is nothing original in this article to be honest it’s the same old thing, comparing Aish to Lara, Beyonce, and other women and then criticizing her for not looking like them.No matter how many articles you write calling her fat you’re not convincing her to lose weight so stop wasting your time. If this is the best you can do for news and entertainment then you have a problem. Do you realize that everybody’s bodies are different? Read our comments once in a while and get a clue. Most ppl don’t like you criticizing someone repeatedly over their weight. This is not high school the bullying & odd comparisons need to stop. It’s better to be healthy then stick skinny the unnatural way two days after giving birth.In the real world that would hardly be considered fat.I would like to see your pic & then we’ll be the judge & tell you if you need to lose weight. How about that for a change? Keep this up & you’ll lose readers.

  • Yash

    Wow isn’t that a little harsh? So she’s taking time to shed her weight and has gained a few more pounds— it’s NORMAL!!! She’s just had a baby—let her enjoy her moment and be a normal woman… While it’s great for Lara to get back to her former self, not every woman rushes back to the gym after they’ve had babies.. Ash being.. well Ash, I’m sure she’ll be back to her svelte figure soon… I think it’s good for her to promote a healtheir body image and this criticism of her added weight and calling her fat is going to create another generation of anorexic, bulimic women who desperately follow trends instead of opting for a healtheir lifestyle. I say good for you Ash! Enjoy motherhood!!

  • Ally

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYUCK CHEAPPPPPS….Leave her alone.. gosh all the vella ppl out there fusing on one women weight. hasnt she proven herself enuff, and soo sad that u have to reduce an individual to their weight.. btw ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF AISWARY VS LARA.. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 50000 TO 50

  • poppy

    most ridiculous article ever written. women are in charge of their own bodies. “healthy living” and being a “role model” to women has nothing to do with an individual woman’s choices and chemical make-up. having a baby puts a lot of stress on a woman’s body. each woman responds differently not only physically but emotionally. did it ever occur to you that perhaps she is going through post-partum depression? no…because, you don’t care. you want her to be superhuman rather than just enjoy her moments as a first time mother. get a life and get yourselves into the gym!

  • Ribb

    This is funny, both are fat and big. But I do understand the purpose of this article – it is just another piece of juicy gossip aimed at public figures. As public figures/celebrities, am sure Lara and Aish have both learnt not to take seriously such comments. It’s only you people out there who make such a big fuss over this article, both readers and writer. This is only for entertainment, don’t take it too seriously!

  • Shalini

    Lara doesn’t look her former self. She looks equally fat like Aish. Good to see that Aish is more concerned about her baby rather than her glamorous looks. Let her enjoy her motherhood and later shred down the extra kilos.

  • nandini

    let her be !!!! Its difficult enough being a first time mom… wothout havin gyour every move and every ounce of fat being counted. Ugh to the person writing this article…

    • Vichar Karim

      Nice to see a person thinking like this in todays world, may common sense prevail!

  • Charu

    yaar….. pls get a life guys…..i dont know what to say bout u guys….. she is trying to live her life as a normal mother would try to live…. keeping away the baby from the media, i think wat the ppl are trying to do is keep her away from the glam world….atleast let the baby have some peace…….

    bakwaas article post karthi ho yaar…..

    ash trying to hide her baby bump….. wat angle i took it was .. most of the ppl may already having their buri nazar on the kid na…. she was trying to protect it from their eyes even before the baby was born….keeping the girl’s name away from the media…. it would let the kid have a normal n proper schooling without any interference from the media…the bachchans had enough controversies in their life that they want to keep the kid away from the eyes of the media….. why r u guys poking ur noses where it shouldnt be guys…. n now commenting on her weight…. this is the height of insensitivity…..ridiculous article yaar….

    • Vichar Karim

      I completely agree with your thought that i almost didnt want to write this comment, but yaar … Buri Nazar really? people still believe such stuff?

  • jasmine

    i completely agree with the writer. The line of work that Ash is in demands her to look a certain way. baby or no baby, if you chose to be in the spotlight and not an average housewife you are the inspiration to many and i doubt anybody inspires to be fat. Somebody get her a personal trainer STAT!

    • Anonymous

      If you agree with the writer then you’re missing a sensitivity chip as well.Think about it if she is an inspiration to many then isn’t it good that she’s not rushing to get back into shape? She’s inspiring new mothers to not rush to be thin after having a baby. If anything I think she’s making a statement and saying hey look looks aren’t everything and that’s pretty big coming from someone as beautiful as Aish. Maybe ppl will actually question the mothers who become size 0′s 2 months after giving birth. They hire trainers,exercise and all the while neglecting their kids. I understand why a supermodel might rush to lose baby fat because their body is their work. But Aish is an actress & she’s taking a break, so just because she’s famous does she not have a right to enjoy motherhood and live her life the way she wants to? She’s spent most of her life in the limelight looking perfect so now if she wants a break & lets herself go a little bit is the world going to end? This shouldn’t even be our concern first of all. There are so many more important things in the world we should focus on.

      • Vichar Karim

        Compeltely agree, in todays materialistic world, its all about looks. And they think you cant act if you are fat?

    • Vichar Karim

      Really, So you value looks over acting, Katrina and Kareena should get oscar for acting too, right ? :) ))

  • ash

    this photo is fake. looks like its doctored.

  • lata

    Comments are very real. aSH is a public figure and ex-miss world. She is a source of inspiration and role model to women of all generations. To uphold the title of Miss world, irrespective of circumstances, appearances are very crucial. Rather than let herself go like a football, she should at least retract to a little semblance of her former self. Ash dont be a foot ball ; begin to inculcate your mind into a drumstick

    • Vichar Karim

      I guess world is smart enough to understand what baby fat is and why it is vital for the baby that MOM put on weight during pregnency. have you heard of post portam depression? guess you guys should be saying “how cute”, So that the hormonal change dont take her to depression. I am not saying this its because its ash, dont do this to any new mother.

  • Annie

    Ash is a human being and she has every right to be what she wants…. Common people, we have other major problems around the world to worry about. Let her enjoy her motherhood the way she wants to enjoy. The world will NOT come to an end if she delays in getting into shape. GROW UP guys!!!!

  • rahul

    thats so rubbish, “Logic being that you cannot be a role model to generations of women if you roll instead of walk!” seriously? you mean to say fat women haven’t been role models? you need to work with your “logic”

  • Vichar Karim

    I hate the way this picture was manipulated to show them fatter, by horizontaly streatching it. Readers diserve the truth

  • Doctor mom

    It is not recommended that you lose weight too quickly if you are breastfeeding. Do I applaud her. All those other stars who get too thin too quickly aren’t thinking of their baby’s nutrition. This is a stupid article from an ignorant writer.

  • Sj

    What a vindictive writer you are! Clearly socially inept and incredibly uneducated to not know how the majority of women’s body work after the birth of a baby. You are a sorry excuse of a journalist who has no clue how to reach out to women who have given birth. Thankfully you’re not heard of on this side of the world!

  • A New Mom

    The writer of this article is definitely living in a fools paradise. Weight loss is a choice Ash can make whenever she wants and by the way the writer of this article hasn’t seen fat people if they think Ash and Lara are fat. BTW, I am not a big fan of either of them but I had my baby 5 months back and I never thought I would be back to my pre pregnancy weight ever but apparently I did and without any effort. Now there are people who have been asking me if I had liposuction along with c-section which i think is offensive because they are judgmental. So just because she is a celebrity she does not have to to lose weight the day after her child’s birth. Who ever wrote this article needs to get a life.

  • Goodies

    Very irresponsible article. As a mom of a 6 month old I found this article rather shallow and offensive and I am not even an Ash fan!!

    Very low work!

  • Senny

    This is a DISGUSTING article. Why can’t a larger woman be a role model and an advocator of good health? Who are you to tell a woman to “return to her sexy shape”. The author of this article clearly deluded, and has no idea how the real world works or what true role model.

  • Lala

    Very shallow article. I’m a new Mom of my 3.5 month old. With all the worries a new Mom already has the last thing on your mind is penciling in exercise… as it is… your day is already full of running around. Why is it so important to be so damn skinny. Let the girl enjoy motherhood… she is gorgeous at every size and to me is still someone I look up to. I am going to guess the person that wrote this article has never given birth and does not realize what your body goes through for pretty much an entire year… and then the things that come with it once the baby is here. What is it with all the pressure to be so skinny… she obviously is wearing her size well… so let the girl be. She is one strong minded woman and will get back to where ever she wants to be IF she even wants to get back there.

    • VIP

      Uhh… Ditto with you there. This article is very shallow!!

  • prakruthi

    The worst article I have ever read….Wat is the world’s problem if a mum wants to spend more time with the baby than in gym…Its the subjective personality u need to admire in a women…not the objective personality….Appreciate the kind of woman she is…she has held our country high in the globe…appreciate that rather sneaking in to her personal life…P.S I AM NOT A FAN OF AISHWARYA RAI !!!! So there is no favouritism here….

  • SM

    Seriously!! How shallow. and you call yourself a writer? did you not find anything else to write.

  • Seema

    Terrible article…. nobody has the right to judge a mother if she decides to look after her child rather than hit the gym five days a week. Let the poor woman just enjoy her motherhood without further critism as she has worked hard enough to get there. “Carry on keeping it real Mrs A!

  • Sarah

    Whoever wrote this article has no clue what a womens body goes through during pregnancy. Ash knows what she is doing. Your article is disgusting n terrible !!! Shame on you!!!

  • A mom

    find something worthwhile to write

  • Gaurav Kapoor

    Ha ha it’s obvious whoever wrote this trashy article is sitting in their mom’s basement in their underwear jacking off to ash’s pics. You will die of morbid obesity yourself you scumbag BollyB reporter. Ash looks awesome and you can go back to stuffing your face with cheese burgers.

  • R S

    She is fat and needs to shed some pounds

    • Gaurav Kapoor

      Would you say the same thing to your mother you sicko?

  • Mina

    This revolting writer obviously has no idea that to breastfeed a child you need to eat frequently which means you will put on weight. Other “curvy” thin women may not be breastfeeding their newborns regularly.

    Lets not penalize a woman for breastfeeding her newborn.

    • kay

      excuse me mr. ignorant person…please go read a science journal or talk to your doctor…breast feeding has NOTHING to do with gaining weight. Infact you burn nearly 500 calories every time you breastfeed.

      • Romano

        Dear Kay,
        All women are different! While some lose weight while breatfeeding others actually put on, or just can’t lose any weight, for as long as they breastfeed. Specially when u are small to start, your body tries to store fat for the baby! I can tell u as I am not only a mother, but also an obstetrician!

  • Nt

    I am not a fan of Ash, but i totally disagree with this article. Just leave her alone. She will loose the weight when she wants to.

  • God

    What a rubbish article! and what a brainless stupid writer! Go get a life insted.

  • Nano

    What a rubbish article!!! Who u gave you the rights to write an
    Stupid article like this… You dare not point fingers at a mother
    Like this pls leave her alone n high time she enjoys her privacy

  • Mindyourbusiness

    Leave her alone! It is non of you biswak to get into her weight issues.

  • Mana

    Wow you can totally tell Aishwarya’s pic has been made wider to fool the reader into thinking she is really that big and Lara’s either has stayed the same or has been made smaller in width to make it appear that she’s lost all the weight. You can definitely tell because Aishwarya’s photo is bigger in width and more stretched out compared to Lara’s. I’ve seen pics of Aish at this event on other sites & google and she was not this big in any of them. Who are you fooling?

  • Alison

    The writer of this article is obviously extremely ignorant. I suggest you first educate yourself and then attempt to put pen to paper.

  • New Mom

    I’m a mom to an 8 week old and am breastfeeding. Thankfully, I was back into my small size clothes, after just 4 weeks but in contrast, my family member has also had a baby 5 months ago and is too, breastfeeding. She is piling on the pounds so it does just depend on different bodies and routines. But even in this adjusted pic, Ash still looks gorgeous. She can definately pull it off so writer, don’t hate…

  • Aiman

    Rubbish ! .. so unhealthy approach toward such an issue , being slim or fat its a personal issue stop interfering in someones life , just because of such people and such media people are getting unethical …

  • Anonymous101

    Every body has different metabolisms.

  • Impi

    I actually have more respect for Aish for enjoying motherhood and not rushing to the gym just because so many snarky idiots want her to be a ‘role model’. Fame she has, but kids grow up so fast. Way to go Aish.

  • a mother of 4

    hats off to Aishwarya for enjoying her child and making the most of it. think abt it people! she is a public figure, a former Miss world, so she should have been hitting the gym and obsessing abt losing weight like all those other actresses who go back to their slim figure in no time because they care about their public image more than anything.
    Aishwarya is just like other women.. she is enjoying her daughter and busy in doing what a mother does. Dont hate her because she loves her daughter more than her public image. Love her for it… Learn to appreciate her for it!!

  • Ishani

    Kudos to her. Gymming etc takes time, that would mean less time with the kid. Five months is too less to leave a child alone alone for an hour or more. She’s living her life fully, enjoying each experience, let her be!

  • Reena

    You should be ashamed of yourself. This is a horrible article in very poor taste. Bollywood life, get a life! Not going to be visiting this site ever again.

  • mahie

    wat rubbish
    let d lady enjoy her life
    so wat if she gained
    spare them n luk for betr topic

  • CoolMom

    I agree with others..How can they make such comments on someone who has delivered a baby recently ? I am not returning to this site again..

  • Summu

    Why is everyone so worried abt ash’s weight gain while she is more interested in her baby n happily enjoying her motherhood…. Stop getting ao personal. Thos is bollywood life n not stars personal life…..
    Good going ash!!! Proud of u!!…
    Evwry women must lern tht her baby is more imp than her peoffesional life!!!….
    Hats off!

  • sahaj

    ash we want u back in moove

  • Kiru

    This is a pathetic article. I don’t see why her weight gain is so appalling to people. I think her priorities as a mother have over powered her need to please her audience and that is a very positive thing. There is nothing wrong with weight gain as long as good health is in order. Totally sick of articles like this making women feel insecure about themselves. This unnecessary criticism leads to no good, and is quite shallow especially considering all her accomplishments. She won Miss.World 1994, DID YOU? So then with what due right do you bad mouth her weight. You live once, she did it up. High five to her for putting her daughter first. Maybe learn to be happy for her instead!

    • Pavitra

      WELL SAID!!!

  • Kiru

    Forgot to mention that she STILL looks SO DAMN beautiful! and I’m sure there are many out there who would agree.

  • Reshma Jaffrey

    You do realise she is a woman and mother too, and doesnt just exist to look good for you and your ridiculous website. She is feeding too! I am sure beyonce never did that! We should be proud of her and she is serving as an excellent role model by putting her baby first! Your comments are nasty and dangerous. Find something more worthy to write about!!

  • Frances Nkemdilim Onukwu

    She needs 2 lose some weight,the whole world xpects her to be beautiful n trust me she aint lukin close to dat now!

  • Seema

    One of the dumbest articles i’ve read in a long while! Get a life! Calling someone fat after having given birth just 5 months ago??? You cretin! No respect for women. We’re not a slab of flesh to be oggled at! It’s not natural to lose so much body weight straight after having a baby, especially if one is breastfeeding. Give credit where credit is due, at least she’s looking after her baby rather than leaving it with a nanny while she tries to lose weight in the gym(that would be shallow).

  • Stupid article

    This is a stupid article by a stupid person. Everyone who agrees with this article, is stupid. The most important thing for her right now is to be a mum, taking are of the little one, and lose weight nice and slowly, becuase she knows it is healty, not because some idiots who do not know much about being a mum, and how women are different, say she should.
    Aishwarya, you are beautiful now are were beautiful before.

  • Rashakrishna Padukone

    Hey, leave Aiswarya alone and don’t critize her just because she has gained some weight. She is still beautiful. It is absolutely normal for a woman to get weight after 25 years of age, specially after motherhood, isn’t it? What is anti-natural is not gaining any weight at after motherhood (like many actresses who do starvation sacrifices to look the same after becoming mothers). It is a personal decision to do such sacrifices or not. It is very easy to critizice, but if you think it’s easy to live without enjoying the foods you love, why don’t you try it? You’d better love Aishwarya (or any other person) for what she is or what she can do; not just because she’s is in a (so considered) “good body shape”. Don’t be ignorant: Getting old or getting fat are natural processes that we cannot escape in life no matter how young we are. It’s her life: Don’t you forget… RadhaKrishna Padukone

  • Sapna

    Aishwarya Please reduce your weight, you know dear, that u r not an ordinary woman, u r our idel.

  • priyanka

    BollyB, how about you post a picture of yourself first? My sense is ur probably unattractive as sin, and are thrilled to bits that you now have some grounds to criticize someone else on the basis of their physical appearance.
    Stop hiding behind your alias – put yourself out there, and let’s us decide how we feed about you first!

  • Zohra

    Having just given birth 5 months ago myself, the last thing on my mind is exercise. When you have a child, priorities shift! Life is never the same – no matter who you are!
    And losing all that baby weight is a walk in the park for some and an uphill battle for others. So before we start comparing people, perhaps the writer should realize that everyone is an individual and not of the same mold!

  • asif malik

    we want you to be back,i know you need time for your baby sospare some time for yours fans thanks

  • Em

    This is a ridiculous article and, moreover, a ridiculous sentiment. It is worrying that our idea of the ‘ideal’ and what constitutes a role model for young generations of women is rooted deeply in physical image – since when did Posh Beckham’s size-zero figure become healthy? Aish is championing motherhood, and is hardly obese. So what if she isn’t sprinting to lose weight just yet? Good on her.

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  • Anne

    I like how such articles find the most silliest picture and also pick one with a weird compression ratio ! Both the women look plump – so what. One lost weight ,the other did not ! Not everyones body constitution is the same. Looks like no one saw Beyonces pictures post giving birth or remember what she would eat for lunch few years back ( 8 tomato slices ,info courtesy the media again)

    Ash got plump post GIVING BIRTH !! So what ?!?!? There are girls suffering with acute eating disorders and young girls want to go under the knife just to “look good”. Stop writing such awful stores about a woman who has done India proud . What is up with indians and the media – the pressure they put on young women regarding skin tone , colour , weight , vital stats , hair ! Stop it !
    There are very beautiful young women with uncomfortable minds. Its high time we embraced the good in such celebs! Do you know how much a body transforms post child birth , how much of nutrition is required to turn blood into milk !! Stop and think before typing negative remarks . It is one of the most depressing times for many women post giving birth . Be kind , have a good look at yourself – if you see perfection then comment ! Ash is one of the most divine faces on tv and print -even today !

    Ash forget dimwits who mercilessly tarnish you – its because they are worthless and know it and feel it !

  • lose weight help

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  • Juli

    M glad that the baby is fine and so is the mother..but serosuily why all the hype and a press conference- for a baby?? Jeez They say they want privacy but they just keep hoggin the limelight ! tsk tsk Reply

  • sonam

    hey guys these2 beauties have undergone all the pains to get out their little babies tearing their ….out, so just leave them alone, jobless you all or what?????????????

  • Nini

    Aishwarya has gone for a test tube baby which requirs a lot of hormone injections and also rest,then obviously one would put on weight.We shouldn’t make it a big deal.

  • HCG

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