Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with her baby Aaradhya at Mumbai airport!

Posted Mon, June 4, 2012 1:42pm IST

The former beauty queen covered her darling daughter with her arms at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, shielding her from the shutterbugs

B-town’s gorgeous lady Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, with baby Aaradhya and hubby Abhishek Bachchan in tow, arrived in Mumbai after a highly anticipated public appearance at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival. But once again, the media missed the chance of getting a glimpse of the youngest Bachchan.

As you can see from the images, Ash walked out of the terminal with Aaradhya all nestled up to her in the similar fashion she was seen at the Nice airport. Thankfully, she didn’t go into an overdrive by having an entourage of people using a folder or a shawl to protect the baby’s face from the media. Does she feel a little less threatened when it comes to the Indian media? Anyway, all said and done, Ash is definitely overtly protective about Aaradhya, ‘coz she had covered the tiny tot from top to bottom in a pink jumper.

While she tried to very hard to maintain her privacy by being hoity-toity, her in-laws Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan, who came to receive Abhi, Ash and Aaradhya, were extremely casual about it. In fact, the senior Bachchan couple was dressed in their bedtime clothes!

We understand that every mother feels  protective about her child, but we just can’t wait to find out what the little girl looks like. So far what we have gathered is that Aaradhya has taken after her father and grandfather when it comes to the height. Isn’t she pretty tall for a six-month old baby? We wonder if she has a face as gorgeous as her mother or at least her beautiful light green eyes.

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  • moonie

    Why make such big deal of a six month old? She is just like anyother 6 month old, but only difference is that her greedy parents and grandparents want to sell her photographs or maybe she is not worth showing to the world. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mama

      This is a child and we should not say bad things about her. Every parent thinks their child is the best. LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE….LET THEM ENJOY THIER BABY AND GRANDBABY. IF SHE IS CUTE OR NOT ITS THEIRS

      • sanju


  • Sanal

    Whats special in her baby?is she born homo?lol.Shame on you bachans.

  • Rutuja

    Look at the stupid comments here probably the reason Ash doesnt want Aaradhya to be photographed!! The insensetive commentary at the time of Ash’s pregnancy is reason enough for not allowing Aaradhya to be photographed

  • moonie

    Its a shame that there are so many important things to write about, but stupid media people are writing about a six month old. Maybe they feel ashamed to write about thousands of kids suffering in the world. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shaifalie

    shame on people whodont think about needy children of country

  • Tarius Victoria

    why so special on this little cute pie…..i don’t think she have to over protect the little child like this, even the great hollywood actress like angelina jolie does not do like this. Every baby will look cute…..what to big deal on that…..

  • samarth

    Whats the big deal.. How long she is going to cover the child’s face ? What an ordeal it must be for the child itself.. Bachchans must let the kid lead a normal life.. Can’t understand whats the need to hide the kids face..

    • moonie

      Isn’t this called child abuse???????????

  • aiswarya

    i am not understanding wahts s special with their baby????/y they r refusing to show to public??? damn,,,

  • Khan

    She’s acting weird, like Michael Jackson… building up unnecessary hype herself

  • swati

    congrats to all of u

  • Amreen

    U guys have no rights to say abt aradya 6month old baby was soooooo beautiful she is ash daughter and she is bachans grand daughter I love ash soooooooooooo much and her baby also


    what is the reason to cover baby and how long they will? will aradhya enjoy her childlife? or bachchan family spoil it?

  • Jeno

    I think Aaradhya is very lucky to have aishwarya as a mother.I have one doubt.Will they publish her baby on screen?I don’t like it.

    • KUNAL


  • joshua elizabeth

    aish please can we just ave a glimpse of your baby one of u nd ur hubby fan in africa nigeria to be precise

  • ajay


  • shraddha

    leave ash n her baby alone please.


    shame on u…………….BACHANS

  • Kursan

    So cute baby. God bless her.

  • pankajini

    so cute baby (Aishwarya no. two) .God bless Aradhya & whole family.LOVE YOU ALL so much.

  • kuran

    cute baby. god bless aishwarya daughter 4ever and ever. she should also be a filmstar like aish.

  • nasima

    They have all the right to protect the child against pedantic media and fans. Revealing the baby is important but when the bachans are ready to do so and it has to be done responsibly as the kids pic may be used by crazy fans and media in weird publicity stunts. Ash you go by your own gut feeling you get my respect.


  • sourav kumar yadav

    nice baby ash she will be a whose she wanna

  • shruti

    its not good that bacchans are hiding aaradhya FROM OTHERS..EVERY BABYS ARE SWEET..they r over possessive abt her..she is not single baby in this world..pata log inhe itna bhav q de rahe hai..bacche sbhi pyare hote hai..aaradhya is not i m requesting to all viewers that dont give them much importance.

  • Muskan Dash

    hiii Ash…congrates 1st.ur babby is sooo r angle for their mother.and special new born babby r really make our life happily and gv a change.all r untalk moment…. take care ur you and lots of love for ur baby also.