Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s first public appearance after delivering the baby

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s first public appearance after delivering the baby

The Bachchan bahu was snapped after the press meet held by hubby Abhishek and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan

Within a couple of hours of returning home to Jalsa with the newly born baby of Aishwarya and Abhishek, the Bachchans organised a media meet at their Mumbai residence. While the baby’s father Abhishek and granddad Amitabh Bachchan addressed the media, the new mother chose to stay away from it. However, soon after the media meet Abhishek got wifey Aishwarya at the residence doorstep to wave out to the curious shutterbugs. Doesn’t she look lovely in the light pink salwar kameez and all recovered from the delivery pains? By the way, long back Abhishek had said in an interview that his wife is perfect in every sphere of her life. Even if it is something as simple as sleeping, the doting hubby said Ash magically ends up looking picture perfect in a natural activity like that also. Now we know what he means. It’s only a week since she delivered her first baby and there is not a single hair out of place or any trace of stress on Ash’s beautiful face. By the way, Abhi revealed at the press meet that his wifey did not take any painkillers and underwent a normal delivery. He also said that he won’t be taking paternity leave. Instead, Amitabh who recently wrapped up KBC 5 and Jaya Bachchan will support Ash in her motherly duties.

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  • Saba

    So sweet baby

  • Helen

    She looks ugly and fat I do not think she looks as dovish as newspaper r trying to make her

    • Ms Adarsh

      Looks Like you have not been thru this journey, experience speaks well of you. Patience…..She looks out of the world

    • M

      Well u must be thin and flawless now right? lol
      Why are u blaming her for the newspapers are trying to do? She’s not responsible for everything that’s written about her. I think you’re a little mean don’t u think?

    • sasaha

      ^ Helen, This picture was taken after she delivered the baby so stop being jealous because she’s prety!

    • NAG

      do u look like the Helen of Troy…nd its reported that Ash declined that offer of Helen role in Troy movie…there could be many reasons as Ash doesnt do love scenes or kissing at least that time..nd other indian projects…she is good..i dont knw why people cant bear it if some one is praised too much for any thing be it sport, beauty, acting,,,there will b some one saying ahhh..sachin, roger, alonso r no more good ..after all beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…

    • Anjaan

      Ugly?? Is your definition for ugly is beautiful? Ugly is how you want to perceive her. Don’t hate a good thing. You may not like for reasons only known to you but don’t try to pretend you can change reality with your words. Not gonna happen.

      Aishwarya looks fantastic, rested and peaceful. I’m sure she would follow workout regimen (most of us lost the pregnancy weight pretty rapidly with simple but consistent workout with in a month) to get in shape.

      MY CONGRATS TO THE FAMILY. I just have one regret, in all this Madhur looks like an A– that could not have weighted for his heroine to deliver and get in shape.

    • shweta

      i think u are a woman Helen , are u like f*****g stupid ..or just braindead ..shame on you ..being a woman u don’t know how much it takes to deliever a baby and my comment also to all who comment bad about Aish after delivery ..i would say she is beautiful now as she is complete ..not done up stupid makeover but internally beautiful ..Helen let’s see how u look when u have babies ..Sick u all are seriously ..

  • Hi

    Makeup se face mein aayee sari kamiyon ko chupa diya gaya hai aur figure achcha dikhane ke liye koyee style use kiya hai varna kisi bhi haal mein normal delivery mein bhi body original shape mein aane mein time leti hai.She is a human being not GOD.

  • Dr.B.R.Suryavanshi

    Sir, I hertly Congratulate You on the Arrival of ‘BABY-B’. I would like to suggest the following names for the BABY.-
    1. ABHISHWAIRYA = (Abhishek + Aishwairya)
    2. ABHISHA = (Abhishek + Aishwairya)
    3. ABHIJAYA = (Amitabh + Jaya + Abhishek + Aishwairya)
    4. AJABTEH = Amitabh + Jaya + Abhoshek + Te for Teji + H
    for Harivanshrai + B for Bachchan)
    May God bless the BABY-B !

  • shwetha

    ais u looking good

  • Preetisharma

    you are a very beautiful &see u are ahot and sexy

    love u vidhya balan preeti

  • Dinesh vishnoi

    mopti ho gayi hai ash!

  • nn

    Too much comment done on Slippers but where are slippers?gone????????????

  • Sara

    So sweet U will be turn in to teen look again. Ash……
    Like to see the baby B

  • corren

    Congrats to you Aishwarya and Abishek on the birth of your little baby girl..Wish you all the thrills and joy on your new phase in life as parents..this wish is coming from all the way across the Atlantic from a little caribbean island you once visit Aish…JAMAICA

  • Navin

    hey,,,,,,,hearty congrats..,may z cute angel brings to z famly joy peace n prosperity..,tc.,,

  • Purandhar (Perry) Setlur

    It’s time Ash stopped shaking her breasts before the cameras, it’s high time now that she fed from them behind the cameras.

  • agarwal