Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s got a double chin!

Posted Mon, April 30, 2012 2:36pm IST

Every time we spot Ash at an event these days, it gets difficult for us to hide our astonishment. This once-upon-a-time Ms World has started paying scant attention to her looks lately and that stuns us all the more

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was recently seen attending the Ambani party. Although we love the fact that Ash is strutting around courageously, paying absolutely no heed to cynical critics and the ever-prying media, we somehow can’t stop wondering if she’s the same Ash who loved getting into the grind and proactively dealt with all her problems. Her fashion pratfalls have already outnumbered her style victories, and honestly, we would hate to see more faux pas on her resume.

We do understand that Ash’s daughter Aaradhya is keeping her extremely busy and deterring her dogged determination to get on the treadmill, but that’s no excuse, according to us. Considering there are other B-town mommies (like Lara Dutta) who are successfully multi-tasking and losing kilos simultaneously, we think it’s high time that Ash gets into the fray without thinking twice.

So before that double chin doubles, we expect you to show us your competitive streak yet again, Ash darling.

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  • Guest

    And how exactly does this effect you? Why are you after her to lose weight all the time? She’s not doing films right now so why can’t you just let her be? It would be a different story if she appeared in movies looking like that, but she’s not.It’s also not like she’s deceiving as by hiding her weight gain and photoshopping her pictures to make her look thin. It’s completely within her right to lose or gain weight as she chooses. It’s her body.

  • Anon

    I would love to see how amazing the writer of this article looks. Why don’t you put up a picture of yourself? Then maybe once the world has criticised how fat and ugly you are, you can go back to doing the same, darling.

  • guest4

    she has a husband, kid, family, career -everything

  • FM

    btw, thats not ash…

  • Sonu

    It is shocking. I cannot believe she is not bothered. She has so much access to trainers. I bet she has postpartum depression because this is shocking.

    • Smh

      You obviously are not in the healthcare field, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. Not losing weight right away following a pregnancy is not caused by postpartum depression. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to lose the weight one gains in pregnancy, trainers or not? Clearly you don’t, so quit being superficial and judgmental.

  • Smh

    Seriously what the hell is wrong with you people? Are you in perfect health and have the perfect body? I highly doubt it, and losing weight following a pregnancy (particularly your first) is difficult, access to trainers or not. Congrats for perpetuating the world’s ridiculous obsession with being overly thin and unhealthy which only serves to make girls everywhere vomit and starve themselves. Stop acting like you people are actually concerned, you just care about criticizing out of turn. Just because she is a former beauty queen does not mean she has lost the right to gain weight and if you do, the media therefore has the right to rudely judge you for it. I really would love to see what you all look like. I’m sure this stems from immaturity, jealousy and the knowledge that none of you will ever have everything she does it life. Grow up.

  • guest

    Shame on you guys for posting articles like this .I am so proud of her for not succumbing to media pressure and losing weight in a hurry like the way western celebrities do.Just goes on to show that this beautiful woman is not obsessed with her looks .leave her alone!

  • divya

    that don’t look like her, but if it was her it looks like shes crying.

  • R. S.

    this is a terrible article, breastfeeding mothers if Ash is – will be more occupied with feeding their babies every 3-4 hours and occasionally 1-3 hours and the first 6 months are more important to pay attention to the baby. maybe going for walks aren’t a bad idea, but may not lead to weight loss. weight loss isn’t even an appropriate goal in the first 6 mos after having a baby because the mother can’t diet if she is feeding her baby. being a physician and mother, i can understand Ash is keeping her child as the priority right now is appropriate. any articles like this can hurt her self-esteem and can also lead to postpartum depression due to media pressures – although i think Ash is a strong woman, it can still hurt to see such articles.

  • naaz

    what a rubbish article. please stop degrading women and especially a mother!! Aishwarya was the most beatiful woman not only in bollywood but in the whole world. She was synonym to the word beauty, and she maintained that for over a decade. But remember, she is also just a human, and will change with time. Now that she has decided to take a break from the showbizz and have a family, please leave her alone. She does not want to be in the limelight, so why are people like you trying to make her life hell. And anyway its her life, she is allowed to look the way she wants to.


  • Sarath

    Aishwarya has already showed that she gives a damn about the author of this article.

    Nice to see that she is taking care of her daughter and putting her daughter above herself. Good to see an actress grooming her kid well.

    “…extremely busy and deterring her dogged determination to get on the treadmill, but that’s no excuse, according to us”
    LOL! according to you? yeah damn right! the comments below mine already show how much “your opinion matters”. I would suggest the author to stop making a mockery of himself/herself (No I am not bothering to see who it is) and also not bring the website down along with you.

  • TS

    Thanks for writing this article. It is hilarious. It’s good to see that the media doesn’t salivate over everything she does as wonderful. You want to be put on a pedestal you have to earn your way there and work to maintain it. Although, at this time, the pedestal might break under her weight.

  • kp

    Mr Author – I seriously recommend you Get a life!

  • anon

    Judgemental Much?

  • Lisa

    Why do you spread such hate and negativity? How sad. A new mother is a beautiful creature, and Aish is no exception.

  • Isha

    It’s easy to sit behind a computer monitor and criticize someone’s appearance…over and over.

    It takes the average woman over a year to lose baby weight and she’s been at it what…not even six months. If she’s up with the little one at night and doting over the little one like most new moms do, she may not be making herself a priority. And what’s so wrong with that? Why can’t she take some time to enjoy motherhood if that is her choice and get back to working later on?

    I’m sure the millions upon millions she made as the highest paid actress in Bollywood weren’t just granted to her. Clearly, she must be quite motivated and ambitious so that when and if she wants to lose the weight, she surely will. Quite frankly an Ash at 200 lbs will probably still be more beautiful than half of the women you’ll meet in your lifetime.

    It’s quite hypocritical of us as a society, and you as the media, to sit here and judge her so harshly on her appearance while simultaneously telling young girls not to obsess over skin color, weight, appearance etc. That inner beauty is what’s important and they shouldn’t feel insecure because what makes them different is what makes them beautiful. Even if they are public figures and celebrities, BELIEVE YOU ME, they are human.

    As far as the last point of your article, that the only reason you post so much about it is because people are reading it…it doesn’t mean people like what you have to say or are they enjoying it!! They can be reading it to find themselves repulsed by the judgment and unrealistic pressure and expectations you, as the media, are putting on women. Moreover, you say don’t ask for the news and expect you not to tell it like it is. That statement would mean that your on this is objective while in fact this is your opinion and subjective take of the situation. That should be obvious to any writer. In fact, if the overall sentiment of your readership is that you are being too harsh, then perhaps you should respect the opinion of your readers and take that to heart instead of blaming them for your insensitivity and interpreting the # of hits as further encouragement to abuse. It’s basically internet bullying.

    How about this for an idea, post photos of all of your staff and writers (as the media you do have a “pubic persona” in a way, and by your terms should be fair game for judgement) and us readers can post our opinions on you? Who knows, maybe you all are models and have nothing to feel insecure about. Better yet, we can have a poll on “most beautiful” with all of your photos vs. present day Ash.

    And FYI, this is coming from someone who is not a fan of Ash whatsoever. She’s not even on my top 100 of favorite celebs. Nor have I ever had a baby and had the dilemma of losing the weight. I’m just speaking as a human being and a young woman who doesn’t appreciate the effects of bashing people’s looks, especially the looks of someone who is a new mom which, in itself is the hardest job in the world. Perhaps you should think about what you’re telling young women who read your site? What effect are you having on their self esteem?

  • Yasodra

    Hi Ash, congrats on your adorable baby… I know you are busy with the baby and you are enjoying motherhood which you should.. but please don’t let yourself go… Dont be like me to always taking care of my kids 24/7 and let myself go and now 8 years later I still look 6 months pregnant. My husband misses my sexy figure before I had the kids. So dont be like me.. Try to loose some weight and be skinny again… We miss you on the big screen. Your loyal fans wants you back… When will you act again?
    Take care…

  • Aroona Joshi

    What Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Leave her and her family alone. Who the hell is anyone to try and give judgements about other person? Have life of your own. Live and let live. Poor Ash….She is not your property…..

  • Guest

    Screw you (the article writer). Bloody hell! Go and get a life.

    • ItsMe

      Shame on you for writing nonsense about people’s private life. You give yourself birth and you will have tripple chin for the rest of your life, I guess. Then, be honest and write about yourself. Screw you seriously!

  • Roberto

    Thats what sex does

  • Anonymous

    What I don’t understand is BEFORE she was criticized for being too perfect, fake, “plastic.” Now that she has shown you how real she can be and this is her at the realest I’ve seen her, how could you criticize her for not looking like she did before? Make up your mind! What do you want from her? And to be honest this picture is just taken from a bad angle she’s looking down scrunching her face probably unaware that she was being photographed and her looking down is giving a false appearance of a double chin. But even if she has a double chin why does it matter she’s on leave. She’s not working. And Lo’real and her other endorsements like Longines seem to have no problem with her weight.

  • gaya3

    this is ridiculous.A person has got all the rights to gain weight and lose weight.She still looks beautiful and being a mother makes her look all the more beautiful.i don’t understand why the media is after Aishwariya’s figure. Isn’t there any thing better for them to do???

  • Gross

    Her face is so round and fat. Yuck.

    • Truth

      she still looks better than you!

  • shabeeh

    come on guys, she might be pregnant again.

  • shabeeh

    u guys think she cant lose weight. She will when she will be free from feeding her baby or another pregnancy. And yes plz leave her alone she lokks so cute

  • ashmana

    Aish still looks beautiful. May be she is pregnant again and that is why not losing weight.

  • Srinivasan

    Aishwarya Rai is a mother and head of a family. She is just living her life, performing her duties. And if that makes her look like a normal human being, so be it. She has no obligation present her sexy self every day to the starved Indian male as a fantasy aid. Especially not to journalists covering Bollywood. She has moved on; obviously you can’t.

  • Harinarayan

    aish plz loose your weight u r looking so fatti

  • amita singh

    omg aishwarya lukin soooo fatty

  • anil

    it is enough to say, she is a Maa

  • hingoo

    wot a fatty. she should lose the weight. she’s ruin the red carpet at cannes. the FATTY. She should be called Fatwariya Rai Bachan

    • are you kidding

      Troll! Can you please look at your own self in the mirror? She looks better than 85%(atleast) of the population even in this avatar

  • meena

    Aash…admire you and your professionalism however you are…but am really hoping to see you looking better…you are the most beautiful woman this world has seen and let it be that…still adore you the most…