Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s interview with Sir David Frost: Politically correct and irritatingly diplomatic

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s interview with Sir David Frost: Politically correct and irritatingly diplomatic

The former Miss World’s tête–à–tête with international host David Frost is worth a watch if you are in mood to listen to a vapid conversation

The full video of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s interview with Sir David Frost, which was broadcast by Al Jazeera International, has been released online. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen putting on an accent and bringing her highly refined and sophisticated self to the fore. Although she looked gorgeous in an ethnic ensemble, her sugar coated answers disappointed us. Showcasing an exhaustive coverage of Aishwarya’s film career and personal life, the initial part of the show consisted of clips from her Miss World days. And her final answer at the pageant, which was super diplomatic, seemed to have inspired Ash to use the same tone in the rest of the interview as well.

From kissing onscreen to how she treats marriage as an institution, Ash talks about almost everything under the sun. We like the way she deals with a volley of questions without stammering and stuttering and maintains a smooth flow throughout, but we wonder why the actor had to make it sound like she’s still competing for a coveted crown. The ‘being at ease’ quality was missing and the natural charm which comes to the fore when you are being yourself was nowhere to be seen. It all seemed like textbook answers mouthed in an impressive way to be in the good graces of people. The one interesting point she made that brought a bright spark in our eyes was when she said that, what kissing is to Hollywood, is dancing to Bollywood. Kissing scenes are still treated like a separate entity in Indian cinema which doesn’t come naturally to the actors, but gradually that scenario is changing.

And of course, how could Ash not give her opinion about food and weight related issues – the one reason she’s been constantly dragged to the limelight post-pregnancy. We came to a shocking halt when she said that ‘dieting’ has never been her thing, but then she substantiated her statement by saying that eating moderately has always played a key role in keeping fit. But we still weren’t fully convinced!

Ash confessed that she puts on an angrezi accent only on an international platform. She spoke about why she refused to be a part of the famous epic war film Troy, and that’s ‘coz the role required her to do sexually explicit scenes which she obviously wasn’t comfortable with.

She also talked about her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan, and how they were like any other normal couple. Quite a long interview, with parts that might pique your curiosity and bits that will bore the hell out of you. But for ardent Ash fans, this looks like a comprehensive data package.

Video Courtesy Al Jazeera English

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  • A

    I find it funny that before people called her fake in her interviews now that she’s finally being real in this interview letting her guard down you think its boring. Btw BL don’t recycle news from another site.Get your own ideas.

  • Guest

    Why is it such a big deal that Aishwarya remains politically correct and or diplomatic. That’s her approach to every interview and it’s not like she’s at her home with David Frost or any other interviewer, so she can casually chat and let her guard down like if they are her close friends and family. This is on television so like anybody, you want to sound prepared and answer questions in a particular manner. Who will let their guard down on television when people around the country or world are looking at you. I get that audience wants entertainers to be nonchalant so all of us could identify with an actor/actress. Really, get a life. None of us are friends or family members of Aishwarya to identify with her and to see the real her. Her husband and parents are the only one who can live with her to experience that relationship, not us.

  • Plastic Surgeon

    Boring interview. She’s had a nose job and cheek implants.

  • katie


  • Anju

    Why she is speaking with a British accent? What a shame…indirectly she is saying her own self (Indian accent is not good enough) She is full of herself.

    • amit

      She is full of herself and you are full of nothing, you know that, right?
      Why you were watching this 47 minutes long interview if you have such problem with her accent?
      Why you guys have to watch her clips if you do not like her!!! You must be liking something or someone, why do not you watch those shows?

  • Ayesha

    she speaks normal and if in some places we find her sugar coaed or fake…so what !most of the celebs do so and they have to,after all she has gone through much criticism related tto weight,her career etc..and to me,i still find her sexy and gorgeous..different from old Aishwarya but being a mother, one should enjoy this period of life..

  • amit

    Who is this Deboshree ghosh (she is def a bengali and bengali’s spell Deboshree Without the “H”)? What’s funny is that she changes the spelling of her name into something fake and funny and still has the audacity to call others fake.

    She didn’t like the interview that’s her problem, surprised that they want to review interviews also, and funnily the do these things only when Aishwarya Rai dose something. They do not do it for others, because they know that in spite of their hatred towards the super achiever they still need Aishwarya Rai to sell their article and get noticed.
    Sick you are you know that Ms. Debas(h)ree! What’s your achievement in life? Till you wrote about this hate article we din’t even know who you are, you don’t matter to anyone you know that right.

    Sir Devid Frost decided to interview her, that guy knows more about news and celebrity that you, you agree to that right? He is an institution and you are a nothing!

    One small advice, try to focus more on positives, if you do not like Aishwarya Rai, do not write about her write about someone or something that you like, where you do not come across as an complete looser.

    Go get a life.

    And again change the spelling of your name to the original Debasree drop that stupid H. You are not a south-indian but a bengali, try to remember that, before you feel the urge to point finger towards someone who is zillions of miles ahead of you in everything.

    • dipti

      u r absolutely right.

  • sophia kamaal

    i love aish ! but she talks very fake whích makes hate her
    from the word she began talking was the word sushmita said
    in raveena tandon show a mean the hands puting on the cheek
    she is very beautifull no doubt about that but she acts veyy fake fake 100/ fake oww gosh bicth be who you are and talk what you feel not what u taken from the people !
    from that note a hate her and the beauty chapter is the best we all knaw that ,

  • Anzella

    Ash…………………y shying away from accepting the fact that she has done more movies n more successful than hubby…………..Is this a Indian thing?????????? Y not accepting about dieting…………u do,discerning people know that……….when u desperately want people(media) should write all hype abut you………..then they have right to criticism too. Ok fair enuf u gained weight during pregnancy may be continue with that for couple of months post pregnancy……..But maintaing that weight year after is not healthy at all,either u have some health issues or you r not health conscious at all. In case of later you are putting a very bad examples to people of country concerns about health related issues are almost Zerooooooooooooooooo.
    …………………stay blessed………..

  • df

    She is fake

  • Uchora Udoji

    Frost’s interview of Aishwarya was and will remain an inspiration to millions of people around the world. I am particularly pleased that it was aired on Al Jazeera – a channel I’ve come to respect for giving a relatively balanced view on most issues.

    Yes, I did get the feeling Aishwarya was being diplomatic but of course that would be expected. When you’ve attained a certain level in life you lose the luxury of “opening your mouth too wide” and “spilling garbage” like some people on this forum have.

    I think it’s modest she didn’t try to sound like “I’m better than my husband”. It’s unnecessary and not the point of the interview anyway. Besides, quality and not quantity of movies done would be more relevant to a discerning viewer.

    I think her response to the issue of her weight was most appropriate. First of all, her weight is no one’s business. And although there may be health advantages in certain body weights and BMIs, there are lots of slim people who are in very poor health and there are some overweight people who have zero health issues. The important thing is that she has medical checks twice a year to ensure she’s fine.

    Her simplicity is humbling. I didn’t see any fake in her. She identifies with her country, India. She’s an educated lady – obviously cosmopolitan and very well-spoken – she shouldn’t apologize for this.

    I’m proud she’s a woman who knows what she wants. She clearly doesn’t use the social mirror more than she uses hers. A lot of actors & actresses wouldn’t turn down a chance to be on set with Brad Pitt. She did because she was paying attention to her values. It’s her values and she’s entitled to it.

    I’m enthralled by the fact that she admitted to the ease of her rise to stardom – she didn’t try to sound like a character out of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. She portrays her success as a combination of luck, being at the right place at the right time, some talent and some hard work. That’s humility – and that’s a rare thing to have these days.
    I think Aishwarya’s interview should be shown again and again. And I’ll be recommending the video to people to watch. There’s a lot to learn from it. 

    And to you, Sir Frost, I say, Congratulations! You do a great job!