Aishwarya Rai delivery update: Press boycotts Bachchans?

Posted Mon, November 14, 2011 5:52pm IST

We spotted only carrying images of Aishwarya Rai walking into the hospital. The rest of the media has apparently decided to boycott extensive coverage of the occasion

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan visited Seven Hills hospital on Sunday and nobody in the media had the pictures. Rediff is the only place we found a couple of pictures with her baby bump in place, and we have them for you, with due credit to the website. One of BollywoodLife’s lensmen says photographers have decided to boycott the Bachchans and not take any pictures of Aishwarya outside the hospital. It seems that the hoity-toity attitude of the Bachchans has irked the press again. After all, none of the members of the media can forget how they were treated during the wedding of Abhishek and Aishwarya in 2007 – especially the TV crews who were outside the Bachchan house 24×7 for three days. Not even once did Aishwarya and Abhishek step out for a picture, while they readily allowed photographs at a temple in the south. Well, wethinks every woman has a right to privacy as far as her pregnancy is concerned – and so does Aishwarya Rai. But why does everything around her have to be so secretive? The Bachchans should have taken their bahu abroad for delivery if they wanted isolation. But since they are here all right, it seems that they want the attention, but not too much of it. Pictures will be given out by the PR but no paparazzi will be entertained. But it has to work both ways, so they had better come out and show some love! The baby’s expected delivery date is November 17.


 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan delivers a baby girl!!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s quick visit to the hospital

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  • unknown

    Wrong again Bolly B!! They owe you nothing.
    India’s their country too and they’re allowed to give birth to a child or get married without having the whole press inside the delivery room or as guests to the wedding. Your expectations are simply laughable.
    And regarding your obsession with this family in particular I would like to ask: where was the press when SRK had his babies delivered? Where was the press when Twinkle Khanna had Akshay Kumar’s son? Where will the press be when Lara Dutta will be due to deliver? Indeed why is the press not hounding and speculating about her like they are hounding Ash??
    Why the double standards??
    And my conclusion is that you – Bolly B – must be a single person who’s never been through a marriage nor a birth to be having such a detached and unrealistic perspective.
    Get a life!

    • bonnie

      WELL SAID, unknown!!! u haters, get a life..leave the woman alone!!! they dont owe it to you to expose every minute of their lives. btw, a temple in the south.. you think the bachchans are some royalty or something bigger than god to stop people from entering the temple? you guys create the hype and expect them to follow whatever you say! grow up!

  • Awadhesh

    Why do you want to intrude in someone’s personal life? You want to see them – watch their movies, why run after their marriages or delivery?

  • Maaya

    Indian press are the most irritating ppl on this earth, after so much of absue they still go behind them!! can they spare the woman pls, DID SOMEBODY REALLY ASK THE PRESS TO COVER IT!! Irritating ppl

    • ajinkya

      you are right. Indian media ;THE FOOLEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. I hate them.

      • dr tushar dhawale gadchiroli

        indian media want to make issue of everything with help of foolest astrologer on earth who goes on predicted that baby will be girl and some baby wiil be girl oh what is that foolishnes irks

    • Ifeyinwa

      Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is an Icon, a Superstar, an International Figure. The media has every right to run after her because they want to sell their stories to people and make news. Believe me people will like to read about Aish. The same happens here in the USA. How I wished Aishwarya would have booked to delivered here in the USA.
      We love you beautiful Aishwarya – Happy and safe delivery!!!

  • sabia

    Aishwarya is giving birth to
    Abhisheikh child and mr Bachchan
    Grandchild. He happen to be a Bollywood
    Yet everyone want to know Abhisheikh
    And Aishwarya child is girl or a boy.
    I been keeping my eyes because my family
    Really a biggest biggest biggest fans of
    Mr Amitahb Bachchan he is a legendary actor
    I still always think he and Dharmenda are the best

  • Purandhar (Perry) Setlur

    It appears that Amitabh is taking the role of the father of the fetus more than his son. All Amitabh wanted was to hook Ash to Abishek to keep the Bachchan banner fluttering in Bollywood. Frankly, it is tiring to see the press give so much importance and publicity to the Bachchans, especially the senior.

    • HNR

      Hello Purandhar by changing your name to PERRY instead,has NOT changed your dirty and impure mind. There is a saying in our scriptures that means “those who have wicked minds think everyone else in the world is just as (if not more)wicked as they are”. And you proved it right, one can only expect such filthy accusations as you wrote and nothing better than that.
      A question for you: when you spit on moon where does it fall? Think hard on this. How old are you? Get a life man.

      • Purandhar (Perry) Setlur

        I didn’t change my name. I call myself Perry because the goras/gorees (Whites) and many Indians (especially northerners) cannot pronounce my name correctly. Many northerners, especially the Punjabis, call Aishwarya as Ashwarya.

        I don’t have a wicked mind. I just say what’s in or on my mind. I’m not a fan of Bachchan even though I grew up in India in his heydays. All he wants is to stay on top like Lata does. Once you reach the summit, enjoy the view and come down willingly before you’re pushed down.

        I’m 60 years old to answer to your question truthfully. I have a life not wanting more than what I need. I still drive a 2-door GM Geo Metro (3 cylinder, 1 litre engine) that has a slightly a bigger engine than your Maruti Suzuki. It was made by Suzuki Canada for GM Canada. I have removed the back seat and call it the SOYUZ that has no bells and whistles. Maruti Suzuki in India refused to give me a sticker when I requested one from them. I put my own sticker, 1997 MARUTI SOYUZ. You will laugh at my car if you visited me here in Canada. By the way, how old are you? If you are young, you may be materialistically spiritual. Are you one of those characters (sons of Amitabh and Hema) of Baagbhan? It was a nice movie showing how Indian kids “treat” their parents today. I left India 37 years ago, but, I’m still what I eat.

  • sonal

    India media/press is doing stupid job, every time creating nosence hype. Media peolple are the most selfish one in this world.

    • hussain

      hi h r u

  • sonia

    Abhi & ash has done nothing wrong by not inviting these media to their wedding ceremony. They every time want to eat free.

  • TS

    I agree with other comments about the media and paparazzi getting to be too much! The Ash-Abhi wedding and her delivery are very personal events and should be treated as such. Plus, Amitabh is very active on twitter so the fans know what’s going on directly from Big B himself and don’t need the media to interfere. I don’t think the Bachchans are hoity-toity at all since they allowed the paparazzi to be present at their Diwali function not long ago. The media should count themselves lucky that her PR is agreeing to hand out photos.

  • singh

    good luck to her but the bachchan’s act if they rule india .. well its sad fans that keeps them on their high horse..

  • love sandhu

    aish deliver a Baby Girl…..

  • venkat

    media should follow ethics

  • chintan

    well they are here(india)…because they wanted attention from you????…r u serious???

  • rajeev(mumbai)

    media wrote sometime ago “aishwarya cant have a child because she has stomach TB”…how rude and insensitive is that???…what right you guys have to write all this without getting her version on it????…you guys did not even apologize to her after that…have some shame,..have some work ethics…
    imagine someone writing such stories about women in your house…how will you feel…
    now you guys are crying because you were treated like dogs??..well thats what you guys are…

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Aish or the Bachans owe nothing to the media.They run articles criticizing her weight some reporters and news channels have severe jealousy of Rai.And if celebs want a private wedding there’s nothing wrong in that.You expect them to come out in the middle of their wedding or godh bharai to take pics so u can get money even though they have to be inside entertaining their guests? It’s completely unrealistic. They’re not some attention slores that they would leave their wedding just so people can take their pics and they can be on front page of some magazine. And like someone said India is their country too they can deliver here if they matter what they do they’re always wrong in the eyes of the media. And did u even think that maybe they really value their privacy? Only the media is so desperate.They’re ok with the spotlight not always on them.

  • Anonymous

    why can’t I comment on this??

  • ashish paul


  • Anonymous

    Aishwarya Rai was a private person from the beginning. She didn’t pose for a cover of any magazine showing her baby bump even though she was offered, she wore loose fitting clothing hiding her baby bump,and made few public appearances. She was also offered to do a documentary on her life where cameras will follow her around long time ago,but she refused. She has also described herself as a guarded person on Simi Gerewal’s show. It’s not just the media that she’s avoiding because of her pregnancy so this article is pointless.

  • Anonymous

    At this day and age where people pose nude,make *** tapes,have reality shows with cameras 24/7 in their homes I think it’s commendable for someone to be so famous,yet still value her personal life.

  • Devendra BAGHEL

    congratulations Aish & Abhi………….NEST MISS WORLD.

  • yachika

    ash nd abhi congracts to you both nd pls upload a pic of ur daughter plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • sunil


      • raju


  • Apsara Bachchan

    Please accept if you like this name. I wouldbe happy that India’s most popular kid named by me. Yash Makkar

  • rajath

    huh!!! they dont need the press ,press needs them

  • bollywood lover

    yipee!thnx for the pic

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