Aishwarya Rai’s baby Aaradhya’s face revealed!

Aishwarya Rai’s baby Aaradhya’s face revealed!

Okay, that’s a misleading headline. It’s just an eye, actually, but it is perhaps the first publicly available photograph of the infant we all knew as Beti B before she finally got her name

All Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s attempts at hiding her baby Aaradhya’s face have unfortunately failed. A news channel has managed to get a glimpse of the toddler’s eye. Yes, just one eye, and a part of a baby-soft forehead. But they are touting it as the first available-to-the-public photo of Aaradhya! Take a look at the image above and tell us if it isn’t a crazy thing to do. We were surfing when this grab from the news channel’s video caught our eye.

Frankly, we think it is a gross invasion of Aishwarya and Aaradhya’s privacy. So what if she is just a baby? That doesn’t give anybody the right to barge into Ash’s personal space with a video cam, angle it over her shoulder and zoom in on Aaradhya’s little face! Show some respect, people.

It’s true that we can’t wait to catch a glimpse of Aaradhya either, but if the Bachchans want to take their time releasing official pictures of the baby, then there’s nothing we can do but wait. And it would be good manners to do just that. Violating someone’s privacy to feed public frenzy should be a strict no-no. We sympathise with Aaradhya. Poor baby. What has she done to deserve this kind of incessant intrusion into her personal space? Can you imagine how scary it must be for her? And if this is the kind of media scrutiny she’ll be subjected to in the coming years, it’s going to be a painful life for her.

But having said that, we must admit that we cannot resist showing you the image we are talking about. After all, that is a really sweet little eye, round, large, curious, wondering what people are making such a fuss about. Now let’s leave mum and baby alone, shall we?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • krish

    correctly said…..

    • nihal afridi

      u r amazing acter

  • ralph

    Damn ABHISHEK lookalike.. is that why they have been hiding her?

  • gopal

    she looks like dark horse ab jr…..very plain looking …..nothing to really call cute… any other average baby


    the baby is not at all pretty thats why they were hiding her … sick ashwariya …..

    • sb

      dnt comment over a baby like this.Ash’s daughter is very pretty like her mother.very innocent eyes

  • nn

    She is too dark wow just like an african child, that is why they are hidding her, sick Ash ….the baby is as ugly as her parents. Poor Ash so your baby needs plastic surgery just as you did.

    • rimaaaaa

      pourquoi dis tu comme un enfant africain.
      Est ce qu’on est des sous êtres.
      La beauté ne s’arrête pas à la blancheur de la peau.

    • vinny

      i totally agree. they were hiding ugly aradhaya. she is so drak and ugly pathetic features!

  • Jenifer

    Yes. Everyone can have their privacy. But what will happen if we know the girls name? They couldn’t even tell what they named the baby…..please….. You act so pricey….. It’s people who gave them the fame… Don’t forget that. If people see her, will world come to end ? All the comments below that poor child got, is because of their own fault… Isn’t that what is more worse?

  • gurleen

    she will be sooo preety .she is child of the miss world guys and please everyone leave aish alone . its her life she can do anything she wants .

    • jasmeet

      i agree with u

  • aziza

    thats nt good u all guys say such words abt a small girl if some1 come and say tht ur baby is ugly so watt u ll say how u ll feel abt it so guys behave ur selfs and think 1000000000000000000000000000 times u speaks.hi ash ur princess is too quite . may allah give her a long mummy pappa be proud of ur daughter

  • Kathleen

    I do not think she is the daughter of aishwarya because if you see pictures of the arrival airport she don’t wears those rings! in her left hand she has only her engagement ring and wedding ring right hand only! the video is fake

  • yaswonth

    All people who are talking rubbish about ash and her daughter are one has the right to interfere into their personal life.stop it!……
    Its not at all human……

  • onbi

    stop it aishw come on it’s just a baby put somr foto’s on the net that’s it nobody will be after you if they see the pics. aish and abhi are not the first parents in the world get a grip pfrrr

  • Aaradhya

    That is Ash baby but the lighting makes her look very dark. She is very fair but for sure haa the Bachchan trademark big ears. Her aunt Shweta has big ears and looks like a man. That is why they are hiding her.

  • Archana

    Why is Aish making such a big deal over her baby. Soon the baby will qalk and want to go out. Can she hide her for all her life? @aaradhya agree about the ears!!!! We definitely have another Shweta B!!!

  • Reyanshi

    That’s not the baby Bbbbb

  • Rupal

    I think the bachan family don’t need to worry such a lot about revealing the Beti B (Aaradhya)’s face such a alot … after all when we love the bachan family members don’t we deserve to see atleast a pic of the princess :) … so please ash and sbhi relax and show us the baby’s pic

  • innyella

    All i believe is, wateva dey re doin must av a reason. So guyz why talk ill about an innocent baby. U better watch it cuz u dnt noe wat urz goin to luk like.all u av to do is wait…

  • bhawani

    nice baby

  • mystery

    this is truly a fake pic….i m dam sure…….
    and first of all let the family have their personal moments wih d little one……

    and d rest who r commenting ridiculously on baby’s look…just look at urself in the miror..common uys she is just a cute little baby..and every babu whether its dark or fair is cute enough to win everyones heart……keep a little mores pce in ur heart if u r angry with bachchans with not releasing baby pics that is o.k but u dont have any right to comment on their daughters or anyones child look…..
    by reading ur comment i m sure u r well educated,then plz show some decency and respect…….

  • jancy

    aaradhya was so cute

  • Ashwariya Slut

    Ashwariya looks so ugly and fat after giving birth to ugly baby aradhya. Is aradhya so ugly that ashwariya and abhishek dont want to show her to the public? shame!
    also abhishek has always been ugly and out of shape anyway, and the only reason that ash married him was because she got sick of being a slut and sleeping around with everyone and wanted the bachan name. shame on you all!

    • sweety

      hello how dare u too comment bad about ash u knoo who she is she is the real beauty k u can never be like her not the right to say anything about her she is really superb k

  • Mohit

    Nice baby

  • Gayathri

    Hai Aishwarya… you and your baby looking very beautiful..

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  • Rani

    Your baby so cute like u…
    bt i want to tell you one thing u’ll make her career in different sector not in a B-town.