Aishwarya Sakhuja: I don’t hang out with Rucha Gujarati

Chaturvedi bahu Toasty gets candid about her chemistry with co-stars of Saas Bina Sasuraal

About 16 months ago, Aishwarya Sakhuja aka Toasty entered the Chaturvedi household, a place devoid of women. But now things have changed. Today the address houses Malti Pashupati Chaturvedi (Rohini Banerjee) and Kia Ved Chaturvedi (Rucha Gujarati) as Toasty’s bhabis. How does Aishwarya feel about it now? “I missed having women around when I was married into that house, but now I have too many!” she exclaims. Too many? But there are just two, right? We wondered and nudged Aishwarya to explain. And she said, “Even if I am best friends with someone, you will not see me getting all ‘wohoo’ about it. I love sitting in my vanity van and doing my own thing.” Hmm, so Aishwarya here is a bit of a loner. Even then, she must share some sort of camaraderie with her co-stars, no? And we were right. She does. She enjoys her time with the boys in the house. “The boys are fun,” she says. What’s more, she even enjoys spending time with Rohini Banerjee. “I quite enjoy talking to Rohini. We gel pretty well,” she explained. But what about Rucha Gujarati, who entered the show very recently? “In terms of camaraderie on the sets, yes it’s there. But I don’t hang out with her, because I am very spaced out. I like my own space,” Aishwarya replied, somewhat diplomatically.

In the show Toasty and Kia, characters played by Aishwarya and Rucha respectively, are always at loggerheads. So has a part of this reel life chemistry seeped into their real lives? We can’t help but wonder…


Aishwarya Sakhuja: I wish I could be like Toasty