Aishwarya the latest victim in the Shahrukh-Salman war?

Aishwarya the latest victim in the Shahrukh-Salman war?

We hear the new mother has planned a long sabbatical from work; rumours of her doing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film were circulated to create unnecessary argument

It’s not that easy being a Miss World, a top actor and a Bachchan bahu. You are bound to cause envy among your detractors. Sadly for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she had to learn this the hard way, and that too when she is just beginning to cope with motherhood. As if the stress of taking care of a baby were not enough, Aishwarya has had to fight away news that she has agreed to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his next film, Bajirao Mastani. It seems innocuous on the surface, but there’s more brewing underneath than meets the eye. Bajirao Mastani was first offered to Salman Khan and Aishwarya when they were together. When Ash broke up with Sallu, Bhansali offered the film to Kareena Kapoor. Then, for reasons unknown, the film was stalled. More recently, there was a war of words between Salman and Sanjay, with Salman claiming that he had given Bhansali the idea for Guzaarish. A few days ago, buzz had it that Bhansali was going to make the film with Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya. Now we hear that is not true at all .Bhansali and Shahrukh are in talks to make a film, but it is not Bajirao Mastani. Aishwarya is planning to take a year-long sabbatical from films and it is yet uncertain which project she will make a comeback with. From what we hear, SRK and Salman’s detractors are deliberately using Ash to push the two Khans further apart. Tsk tsk. Such childishness. Come on guys, let the lady be!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • manoj


    • sangeeta

      That is a old picture…seen it before..

  • AB

    Yuk, she looks like a ghost, and what is the matter with her neck.

    • Sandy

      What is wrong with you people? She looks like a person who just gave birth to a baby. Grow up!!

      • Kate

        That’s the main problem….she looks like a lady who just gave birth in the pic, whereas this pic was taken long before she even got pregnant!!!!

  • anika

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    • Uglyrinku

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  • me

    That is indeed the worst picture of Aishwarya

  • soumya

    i think this is the original face of the former miss world
    scary look…like a ghost

  • Kajal keswani

    Ash is looking fantastic Love you Ash and congrates

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  • Ram

    hmmmm….. come on guys understand…. Ppl who are criticising her are sallu fans…… leave it guys…. its time to move on….

  • uttam

    Who is fighting for this ugly lady. Look at her neck and hair
    are white and painted brown with mendi. I do not think shahrukh,salman or anybody.

    • roma

      I agree with you, she is ugly

      • murali

        who the heck r u? just getlost……..!!! let the most beautiful mother in bollywood get sum space?

    • aisha

      ugly? you are obviously one of those that are jealous of what God has given ash, popularly called haters. jealousy only retards your own growth! ha ha ha

  • azar

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  • lucky

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  • lady luck

    This picture of her looks nice. Come people that is not even cool at all. You people need to grow up. This picture doen not look bad at all. She is a wonderful person and a good actor. Just like you guys respect shahrukh khan respect this lady as a actor and a wonderful person. When you look at it all these actors in the world are people like everyone else. They just have different careers. All of us people are special just like them and i am pretty sure that we can do the same thing that they are doing and can become great. It just all of us people all over the world cannot do the same career. Are we would have a world at all if we are meet to do the same thing. God gave everyone different talent. The only thing that I am upset about is that these actors forget who made them that way. Cause it wasnt for the people they wouldn’t be where they at today. Come on stars it time to give back to the people. The poor and the needed.

  • Mohammed

    Career banane ke liye salman ko use kiya chod diya uske baad vivek ko, ab abhishek ki bari hai, yeh saali randi hai.

    • meera

      how disgusting maa behen bibi ko randi banayega mohamad dalal

  • wasim

    she is very beautiful keep always happy with his family

  • Prithwiraj koley

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  • Aash

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