AIYYAA quick movie review: Loud, over the top entertainment!

AIYYAA quick movie review: Loud, over the top entertainment!

Here’s our reviewer’s impression of Rani Mukerji’s film Aiyyaa up until the interval

We have been waiting for this one for a while now, intrigued by the OTT expressions on Rani Mukerji’s mobile face and that sheer sex appeal that the hunky Prithiviraj exudes from every pore of is built-up bareness. Sigh!

But when our reviewer went to watch the movie, she was not as enraptured as we expected. She texted: “It’s intermission and Aiyyaa’s story hasn’t progressed too far from where it started. But the mishmash of ’80s Bollywood and South masala films entertainment – loud, over the top, somewhat caricaturish – keeps you hooked and engrossed all the way. Aiyyaa as seen in the promos belongs to Rani, as she displays an extreme range of emotions and expression, but sometimes gets repetitive. Perhaps that’s because of the sluggish plot. Let’s hope it improves post interval.”

Will things get better after the interval? We can only sit back and be patient. And keep checking our phones to find out. Watch this space for Aiyyaa full movie review.

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  • Gaurav

    I think this stupid channel has some issues with rani and the movie.. stop spreading negativity… if you dont like,,please get a life

  • gopal

    I Like The Movies of Rani Mukerji’s. And I hope her this movie will also rock. So All The Best.

  • bonny

    Only need to type in Rani Mukerji in Google to see that the only things BollywoodLife write about Rani are negative. They said Aga Bai was rubbish. On top of that we don’t even know the name of their Reviewer. If you can write this review on a media site, at least let us know who you are! This way it only seems as if you have some sort of agenda against Rani and the film.

  • John

    Everyone else is praising the movie with 3.5-4 stars and you see bollywoodlife trying their best to write bad things the worst journalism ever is vein opinionated. Guys is the best site not biased at all and you can see who wrote it too. This I think is a work vidiyas PR person.

  • Laila

    The movie is amazing. Are you guys drunk it’s so hilarious. One the funniest movie at I have seen in the recent times. I didn’t expect it, but it was hilarious. Loved it!