Ajay Devgn asked to put a warning sign before every stunt in Son of Sardaar!

The censor board reportedly made unreasonable demands that the actor had to agree to…

Ajay Devgn is a rather troubled man these days, and his new film Son of Sardaar is responsible for giving the intense actor sleepless nights. After the snub that he received from the Competition Commission of India on his complaint that rival banner Yash Raj Films was trying to oust him from the competition by using its substantial clout, Ajay now has to comply with the censor board’s seemingly unreasonable diktat.

The Devgn dude was asked to put a disclaimer before scenes that show him riding while standing atop a horse. Well, it seems a harsh decision, especially since Ajay had recently given in to the demands of Sikh religious organisations who were up in arms against Son of Sardaar and had asked the actor-producer to alter portions of the movie as well as the trailer so as to not show Sikhs in a poor light. So now fans will seeing a tiny little ticker-warning (quite visible, though) during every stunt scene in Son of Sardaar , warning folks to not try the moves at home. Also, the Animal Welfare Board wanted assurances that no horses, dogs, et al were harmed in the shooting of the film. That too, Ajay did.

Don’t you think that it’s unreasonable of the censor board and the Animal Welfare Board? It seems like Ajay has had enough grief already. Now let the man be, fellas!