Ajay Devgn: I can do action directly without using cable!

The actor talks about his upcoming film Singham Returns

Actor Ajay Devgn feels that brand Singham can be carried forward for years in Bollywood as it has become a cult character.

“Singham has become a character which can go on and on. Like in Hollywood we had Rambo (character). Singham can combat at the age of 50 or 60. It becomes lovable whoever plays it. It has become a cult character,” Ajay said in an interview here.

The actor, who is back in action mode with Singham Returns, the sequel of his blockbuster Singham, feels doing action at the age of 45 is not difficult provided proper care is taken.

“It is fine (to do action) at the age of 45. Even after 40 it is ok. I think if you keep yourself fit and fine it is ok. But there are few things that you have to take care of, like the old injuries that we have had. When you do heavy duty action you have to take care of yourself,” Ajay said.

Ajay feels there is a difference in the way action scenes are designed today. “Doing action scenes in films has definitely changed. It has become safer and easier because of cables. I feel if I can do action directly without using cable, then I do it. You enjoy doing real action. Action was tiring and difficult earlier, today it is easier,” he said.

“I keep working out on regular basis. In between I had left workout for a year or so and was eating a lot, so it took some time for me to get in shape. But, there were no special preparations that I did for the film,” he said.

Director Rohit Shetty and Ajay have worked together on several films and share a good rapport. Rohit plans all the action scenes keeping Ajay in mind.

With Singham Returns, Ajay says everything is multiplied, from script, to body, to scale of the film, they have done better than the first instalment.