Ajay Devgn: Kareena tries to portray that she is very smart but she is not!

In an exclusive conversation with us the actor revealed what he really thinks of his Singham Returns co-star…

When we spoke to Kareena Kapoor she told us that the one thing she dislikes about Ajay Devgn is that he smokes a lot and that makes it hard for her to eat lunch with him or sit with him otherwise.

When we asked Ajay what he likes and dislikes about his co-star he said, “She’s got a lot of good qualities. I think she is a very simple and naive girl. She tries to portray that she is very smart but she is not (laughs) And bad, well I won’t call it a bad quality, she loves to gossip. That’s entertaining so I wouldn’t call it a bad quality.”

We are aware how the industry loves Bebo for how she is and when we asked Ajay about the kind of chemistry he shares with her he said, “I really don’t know what chemistry means. I think characters work then the chemistry works. Film works then the chemistry works. And if that doesn’t work nothing works at all. Good performance also doesn’t work. So we shared a great rapport, I’ve known her since so many years. So there is a comfort level and that shows onscreen also.”

We are eagerly waiting to see this new romance bloom in Singham Returns. Aren’t you too, BollywoodLifers?