Ajay Devgn: My character in Singham is like Iron Man

In an exclusive chat with us the Singham Returns actor spoke about how his character has evolved since the last film

Ajay Devgn is all geared up to bring us the action-packed flick Singham Returns. Although the action and stunts in this one are bigger and better than the previous film, Devgn says that the makers have tried to keep it realistic. He says, “We ourselves are fed up of this people flying and that kind of action. So we wanted to keep it more real and the audience is also changing the story and the way you treat the film is also very realistic. Of course you have your highs and lows and drama but apart from that we have also kept it very real.”

When asked how his character has changed this is what Devgn had to say, “Last Singham never got hurt, this Singham can get hit. That’s the difference. Its like Iron Man! The last Iron Man was without the suit so the man was fighting. People are changing, you can’t just show that the hero is taking over all the time.”

Apart from comparing the new Singham to Iron Man Ajay also says that the basic traits have been carried on from the last Singham. He elaborates, “The way he operates is the same but the problem has changed. From a small town he has come to a big city and the difference is that in a small town you can manage things because everybody knows everybody so the way Singham operates ke FIR nahi likhega, trying to rectify people that is little difficult in Mumbai but he still operates in the same way. The drama is bigger the scale is bigger the problem is bigger because this time its Mumbai.”

Well after what Ajay had to say about the Rohit Shetty film we can’t wait for Independence Day to arrive!