Ajay Devgn to dance at an awards show!

Buzz is that the Singham actor is going to dance in front of a live audience for an awards function. Did he say ‘yes’ to safeguard his popularity quotient?

For years Ajay Devgn kept his distance from stage performances. Simply because he knows his dancing skills will put him to shame and he has never been a big fan of awards functions. But it’s all about to change. And we wonder why? Story is that the intense actor will boogie on the title track of Singham at the Superstar Awards show hosted by Star India. By the way, it’s not just one dance; Ajay’s act is split into three segments and will have regional dancers for company. The show will be shot on November 15 and telecast sometime later in the month. While all that is good, we are surprised what made Ajay change his mind about stage performances and awards shows! Didn’t he always say that he would never be part of that jamboree? Buzz is that he said ‘yes’ for the stage performance only coz Singham was premiered on Star TV. However, we think, it’s more than what meets the eye. In the last couple of years Ajay has been an extremely lucky actor. All his films fared well at the BO, some were average runners and some became super-hits. Obviously that boosted his market value and fan base, so he doesn’t want anything to hamper it now. However, no one from Ajay’s end has confirmed the news. But if the actor does shake a leg at the stage show, all we’d say is, actors should never say never!