Ajay Devgn: Will a new good luck charm help the actor find success?

Blame it on Sajid Khan! His Himmatwala bombed at the box office so badly, it left its lead actor Ajay in shock – so much that this himmatwala has lost all his himmat!

Has Ajay Devgn turned superstitious? No, we aren’t saying that. But the actor has been spotted with new colourful threads on his wrist recently. Buzz is that after Himmatwala bombed, Ajay was feeling doomed and that’s when he sought respite in the divine.

But with his latest film Satyagraha garnering a positive response and faring well at the box office, wethinks the Singham star can now heave a sigh of relief and thank the gods and the wristbands that have brought him good luck.

Ajay isn’t the only one who seeks divine intervention in difficult times. TV czarina and Balaji Telefilms’ head honcho Ekta Kapoor too believes in gemstones and lucky threads. Every time Ms Kapoor steps out, she just does not forget her religious beads and bands. This is not the only accessory that remains a constant in Ekta’s style statement. Who can forget those horrendous platforms that the Kapoor lady refuses to ditch? We wonder if they are the lucky Cinderella shoes that have magical powers!

Honestly, if Ajay were to ask us for advice, wethinks the actor’s acting prowess is impressive. But he just needs to choose his scripts carefully, no? After all, he can’t expect some lucky threads to change the fate of his films like Rascals and Himmatwala. His Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbaai producer Ekta too ran from pillar to post for the success of its sequel, but that didn’t help. Ekta even kept changing her film’s title until the nth minute and yet no numerology got her the success formula.

As far as Himmatwala is concerned, take heart Ajay. It’s only human to err, isn’t it? Not to forget even the biggest of superstars have their bad films – Akshay Kumar’s Joker and Tees Maar Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s Asoka, Salman Khan’s Veer. All we can say is – shit happens! But just make sure the same crap doesn’t happen twice.