Ajay Devgn will show Son of Sardaar to SGPC today to end controversy

Superstar Ajay Devgn will be in Amritsar today to meet SGPC officials to clarify his stand on the argument that his new film has shown the Sikhs in a bad light

Ajay Devgn’s upcoming production Son Of Sardaar has run into trouble for allegedly portraying the Sikh community in a poor light. And now the 43-year-old actor has decided to take a stand on the issue. Ajay will be in Amritsar today with his co-actor Sanjay Dutt to meet the SGPC (Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Comitee) officials, Sikh lawyers and members of the All India Sikh Student Federation (AISSF). The two Bollywood actors will also hold a special screening of Son Of Sardaar that has controversial lines such as these:

Agar duniya mein Sardar nahi hote toh kya hota? (What would have happened to the world without Sardars?) Sardar na hote to joke kispe banate? (If Sardars did not exist, what would jokes be made about?) Haramzyada isme pyar hain zyada, teri ma di, teri pen di yeh duniya ko humne sikhayi (We Sardars taught the world these abuses).

The AISSF had approached the Akal Takht to intervene in the matter to ensure that the movie was not released without deletion of the objectionable scenes and dialogues. The Akal Takht had asked SGPC to look into the matter, following which SGPC formed a five-member committee to examine the issue.

Devgn also issued a statement a few days ago that the film does not hurt anybody’s sentiments and that he has a lot of respect for the community and culture.