Ajay Devgn’s ‘Son of Sardaar’ offends Sikhs!

Ajay Devgn’s ‘Son of Sardaar’ offends Sikhs!

The film runs into legal trouble for portraying Sikhs in poor light

A Chandigarh-based lawyer has served a legal notice against the makers of Son of Sardaar. The film starring Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjay Dutt has run into trouble for its objectionable content.

On hearing this news we reviewed the promo of the film and thought that though the trailer looked slick and funny, certain phrases were used bluntly. Sample this:

Agar duniya mein Ssardar nahi hote toh kya hota? (What would have happened to the world without Sardars?) Sardar na hote to joke kispe banate? (If Sardars did not exist, what would jokes be made about?) Haramzyada isme pyar hain zyada, teri ma di, teri pen di yeh duniya ko humne sikhayi (We Sardars taught the world these abuses).

After hearing this kind of thing in the two-minute-long promo of the film we wonder, how many more such lines will there be in the film itself? In a desperate attempt to glorify the Sikh community and to poke some fun at Sardars, the dialogue/scriptwriter of this movie has gone overboard. While stereotyping is pretty common in Bollywood films, where people are often clubbed under one common umbrella and jokes are cracked about them, it should be take taken into consideration that the filmmakers should not cross limits and hurt sentiments, religious, ethnic or otherwise.

Clearly in this case Ajay Devgn, who is the producer of the film (he’s also the lead actor and the voice behind the questionable promo), can’t run away from his responsibility of cross checking content.

We also hear that Devgn has been given seven days to respond to the notice and make the necessary alterations in the dialogue, post which legal action will be taken against Devgn and people involved in the execution of this film.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jagat

    Clearly the lines mentioned here are meant to bolster the ugly stereotype that emanates from the stupid ignorance of a lot of people who subscribe to this demeaning view of Sikhs.

    Frankly I have lost respect for Ajay after this. There is limit to what you can stoop down to in order to make money from a movie.

    • Nirmal Singh


    • manoj

      he also said joke to maarna joker na samajhna…………DID anyone hear that????

  • CD Singh

    Besides these does the director also say that sikhs taught them unity, oneness and universal brotherhood? That sikhs run langar – free…kitchen where a poor rickshawallah and a rich man eat food togather. Does he mention anything about the contribution of sikh farmers to national food pool? Does he say that sikhs stood up to save them from forcible conversions and brought back their young girls and boys taken as slaves to be sold in harems and foreign markets? Does he talk about the sacrifices the sikhs made for our beloved nation – during independence struggle and in the wars thereafter. Does he talk about the equality of women in Sikhi? Does he say anything about Kanhaiya ji the famous sikh who served freinds and foes alike – the tenets that have rightly been adopted by Red Cross? Making a spoof, showing sikhs in bad taste to earn money……highly condemnable

  • prabh

    shame on ajaydevgun… It cleared that how cheap he thinks….

  • sachin

    sos will be a blockbuster and the prono of sos is far better than jthj, and jthj promo looks very boring it must be a flop

  • jas

    action should be taken against ajaj devagen film makers for expioting sikh community

  • karan

    now many have seen film and teas sikhs