Akon chooses Shahrukh Khan over Priyanka Chopra

The R&B artist ditches Piggy Chops and prefers to perform with SRK instead

Breaking commitments is something that the R&B singer Akon has been doing repeatedly when in India. On his maiden visit last year, Akon dropped out at the last minute from performing at a private gig in Pune. And the singer has had a change of heart again. He has broken his commitment to sing along with Priyanka Chopra, who is basking in her newfound fame as a pop-star, for the wedding of a prominent businessman’s son in Udaipur. Instead, the singer chose to perform alongside Shahrukh Khan at another high profile wedding in Goa.

Sure Akon was kind enough to return the mega bucks received for the Udaipur party. But what got our attention is that in Goa, Akon will be performing with singer Mika and dancing with SRK. That’s not a pretty sight for Akon for sure, who could have easily crooned with the sassy Piggy Chops instead. Tch tch. But it seems Akon’s loyalties clearly lie with King Khan.

Poor PC! We really hope she gets a fitting replacement to sing along with. We wonder why SRK would want to sabotage Priyanka’s gig, when just a few days back he was praising Piggy Chops to the sky saying how she is SRK’s true best friend in the industry! Puzzling indeed.