Akon’s RA.One song ‘Chammak Challo’ leaked

The makers try to control the damage but fans have already sampled an downloaded the catchy song

It’s probably the first time that a Bollywood song – that too, one of the main highlights of the film and on which millions must have been spent – has been leaked on the Internet. The song in question is the ChammakChallo number from Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious film RA.One. It has been composed by Vishal-Shekhar and sung by international hip-hop sensation Akon. This has come as a rude shock to all those involved, as it upsets the planned marketing strategy for the film and its music to a great extent. And everyone has been using Twitter to express their annoyance. Vishal Dadlani wrote: “All Ra.One, @iamSRK, V+S and @anubhavsinha fans out there, we #!@%*#ure you that the people responsible for this leak will be caught and held accountable SOON. Meanwhile, please do NOT support and spread the song any further, if you guys can resist the temptation.” Director Anubhav Sinha tried to put up a calm front and said: “The Chhammak Chhallo leak. What you heard is only the first scratch. If you love this I wonder what will happen when you hear the real thing.” While the makers are doing some fast-track damage control, fans all over the worldhave already sampled and downloaded the catchy song. And Vishal has another situation to deal with, as some newspapers have credited the leaked song to Akon. The composer has issued a clarification saying: “As to why the papers and TV guys are claiming that Akon has composed the track, I have no answer. They’re all into sensationalism; they’re not in the business of verifying anything. As it happens, V+S have composed, I’ve written and Akon has sung Chammak Challo brilliantly! So there!” Wethinks this SRK film will certainly occupy a lot of media space till it is ‘G.One’ from the theatres!