Akshay Kumar and John Abraham: The real DESI BOYZ

The two Bollywood studs shot a risky scene for the title track of their forthcoming film, Desi Boyz

B-town hunks Akshay Kumar and John Abraham are doing what they love best, and doing it together – stunts! What did you think? The two actors had to perform a helicopter stunt for director Rohit Dhawan’s film Desi Boyz wherein they had to climb down from a flying chopper. The director was worried for his actors because the scene required them to do the stunt without a harness, as it would’ve been visible in the close-up shots. But both Akshay and John were quite convinced about the shot and insisted on going ahead with it. Their enthusiasm and rush of adrenaline was so high that they did the risky scene in a single take! Looks like John and Akshay are our real ‘desi’ boyz!