Posted Tue, August 7, 2012 12:07pm IST

The designer means clothes-wise! Rick dissects the crazy costumes he created for the zany cast of Shirish Kunder’s soon-to-release laugh riot

The usually suave Akshay Kumar and stylish Sonakshi Sinha’s outrageous dhoti-kurtas and ghaghra cholis in Joker have been generating a lot of hoo-haa among the viewers. Rick Roy, the man who has dressed lead stars Akshay, Sonakshi, Shreyas Talpade, Minissha Lamba and item gal Chitrangda Singh, gives us a peek into the wacky characters of the crazy comedy flick.

What was the design brief given to you by director Shirish Kunder?
A part of the film is based in a city where Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar wear western clothes. Those were styled by Aki Narula. The other part of the film is set in a village, and I designed the Indian outfits. Shirish told me it’s a crazy place; every person has a peculiar character and they aren’t fashion conscious. Akshay, Sonakshi and Shreyas play the villagers, but they are quirky. It’s not a typical Lagaan look. Of course, a lot of it feels Lagaan-ish, but it’s not the same. We wanted people to look at the characters and say, ‘Oh my God what’s wrong with them!’. The film’s about a village where people go haywire and mental!

For someone who is mostly associated with glamorous clothes, what made you say yes to design for Joker?
The first thing that really excited me was that someone was giving me a chance to design for an entire film. (Laughs) I wasn’t confident I could do it, but Shirish was very confident about me. And that was encouraging. Clothes-wise, the film is ridiculously fun. Shirish gave me a free hand with the clothes. Every crazy idea I had, it has worked out. We wanted the film to look outrageous. I have given Akshay a red brocade jacket with studs, a dhoti and a white ganjee (vest). In which film can you do that? It’s a really random crazy thing, and I loved it!