Akshay Kumar and Sonu Sood vie for hit song ‘Appdi Podu’

Both actors have acquired remake rights of the popular Tamil song. Wonder who will finally groove to the chartbuster

Don’t yet start dreaming of shaking booty on the Hindi equivalent of the Tamil chartbuster Appdi Podu. Sonu Sood who is supposed to have acquired the remake rights of the groovy number from southern film Ghilli has recently found out that Akshay Kumar too has got the remake rights of the song. Apparently, when Sonu approached Vidyasagar, the original composer of the song, for the Hindi version he was unaware that Akki too was in talks for the remake rights. So now there is slight confusion on who will groove to the chartbuster. It comes as no surprise that Chedi Singh of Dabangg is in no mood to fight any battles with his Singh is Kingg co-star. We don’t blame the actor for not taking the big star to court for this! Anyway, Sonu says, “There is some kind of confusion but we will sort it out. I am not here to fight legal battles. Whoever gets it, Akshay or me, it doesn’t matter.” Maybe not for Akshay who already has dime a dozen chartbusters in his kitty, but for Sonu this could be a highpoint in his Bollywood career, which by number have been very few. The popular actor had bought the song for his first home production Lucky Unlucky. Mallika Sherawat, the film’s leading lady, and he were expected to groove to it. According to our sources, Vidyasagar composed the Hindi version and Sunidhi Chauhan and Mika were set to sing it. Finally, we don’t care who gets the rights to the remake, we are simply glad that now we will have a version that’s comprehendible and can be sung.