Akshay Kumar: Don’t angry me

Akshay Kumar is all set to rock the big screen in and as Rowdy Rathore. But do his dialogues rock too? Find out!

The stunts will be rough, tough and might make you sit-up and take notice. But listening to the ‘Rowdy’ Akshay Kumar mouth words such as these will either make you cringe or crack you up. Enjoy!

Jo main bolta hoon, who main karta hoon. Jo main nahi bolta, who main definitely karta hoon.

What I say, that I do. What I don’t say, that I definitely do. (Oh I see!)

Apunka phatka 440 ka jhatka.

My slap 440 shock (got the point!)

Naam sunte hi ‘beep’ mein bhukamp aa gaya na?

Hearing the name earthquake came in ‘beep’, no? ( What does ‘beep’ stand for Mr Rathore?)

Don’t angry me

No translation required