Akshay Kumar fan burns hand to meet the star

A fourteen-year-old runs away from home thrice in search of Akshay Kumar. Finally meets the star much to the relief of his parents

A certain Shehanshah from Nainital is a big fan of Akshay Kumar. So much so that he has run from his house thrice hoping that he can meet the star. But every time, the police caught him and escorted him back to his home. He even burnt Akshay’s initials on his forearm in his adoration for his idol. His family was so worried about Shehanshah’s eccentric love for Khiladi Kumar that they had to publish a request in a leading newspaper asking if anybody could make him meet the star. Fortunately, a media house turned the boy’s dream into a reality and requested Akshay to meet his die-hard fan. Akki, on hearing this story instantly agreed to meet the boy. we hear Shehenshah was ecstatic when his dream finally came true. Though this story is too amusing to ignore, it made us wonder if it’s all right to entertain such antics. We fear such generous acts can encourage fans to resort to extreme measures to meet their stars. What do you think?