Akshay fools Bobby

Akshay Kumar played a hilarious prank on Bobby Deol during the making of Thank You

When Akshay Kumar is on the sets, there are bound to be some funny moments – usually at the expense of his co-stars. That’s what happened on the sets of Thank You, much to the chagrin of Bobby Deol. Akshay would constantly be playing pranks on the young Deol by hiding his watch. Says Bobby, “Akshay had shown me this trick in which he holds someone’s wrist so tight that the sensation remains even after he has taken away their watch and let them go. You don’t realise that the watch is gone because of that sensation. Though he had showed it to me, I still fell for it when he tried it on me. We were shooting for the film’s climax when he suddenly asked me the time. I looked at my wrist, but I had nothing to see the time on! I didn’t even remember actually whether I had been wearing it in the first place, so I was going to look for it in my van. That’s when Akshay said that he had taken it.” The one person on the set who was spared was Sunil Shetty, as he was another prankster – one who would hide the cast members’ mobile phones. But Sunil insists that is not true. “I too was a victim of pranks often,” he said, but refused to divulge more details.