Akshay Kumar jumps over cars in Kuala Lumpur for an ad!

The actor is rather kicked about an action-oriented advertisement he shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Taking up from where I left off in Rowdy. Shooting in Kuala Lumpur for one of the most action-oriented ads of my career. Here’s a glimpse only for you guys.” – this is Akshay Kumar on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Bollywood actor, who is a martial arts exponent, is really happy that he has got back to action in a big way – with an advertisement. His last release, Rowdy Rathore, was an out-and-out action film and did well with the masses. The actor is keen to carry his action image further with this ad that he shot in Kuala Lumpur. Incidentally, the actor’s son Aarav has accompanied him to Malaysia for the shoot and also for a short holiday.

Akshay rose to fame as an action star, but moved on to doing romantic roles and then excelled in comedy as well. But his last few comic outings weren’t big successes and the star is now back to portraying his first love – action. In the past, he has shot for action ads for a cola brand. We are waiting to see this new commercial!