Akshay Kumar not comfortable speaking in English!

The Desi Boyz actor makes a smart decision to speak in the national language in future. But we think it’s all just a promotional tactic for his next film, nonetheless a good cover up for his poor English speaking skills

Akshay Kumar recently announced that hence forth he will converse only in the national language – Hindi. Reason for the decision, the Desi Boyz actor says, “I’m proud to be desi. I’m a desi boy from Delhi and I’m very proud of who I am and my roots. My fans love me for being desi, humble and hard working. They love me for speaking to them in their language. They connect with me because I remind them of their roots. So as a rule, I’ve decided to be myself.” While to the world it may appear that Akki dearly loves his country and gives up speaking in the Queen’s language (English) for Hindi, we have a different view on it. It’s again one of those ploys to promote their films, in Akshay’s case, to promote Desi Boyz and it’s also a thing of convenience for him. The actor is often at a loss of words, literally, when he has to speak in English. We are glad the star actor has got the guts to say it out loud. “After all we’re Hindi film stars. We earn our bread and butter from Bollywood. I’m uncomfortable talking in English. I’ve always been,” says Akshay and continues, “I’ve realised my fans love the dialogues I say on screen. And those are in Hindi. Why speak in a language you are not comfortable in? After all, success is about being comfortable in your own skin and I’m finally doing that.” We are glad that finally realisation dawned upon him and Akshay chose a realistic approach. Will it work for Desi Boyz or not, only time will tell! In the meanwhile, let’s hope the actor continues with his desi approach even after the release of his film rather than opting to return to butler English.