Akshay Kumar performs a deadly stunt with Lisa Haydon for The Shaukeens-view pic!

The stunt is said to have been inspired by the iconic cartoon series Tom and Jerry

BollywoodLife recently informed you about a stunt performed by Akshay Kumar and Lisa Haydon for their upcoming film The Shaukeens. The interesting fact about the same is that the stunt is inspired by none other than the hit cartoon duo Tom and Jerry!

To sum up the story, the Khiladi while watching the series with his kids, came across a scene which he decided to include in his upcoming film. The sequence showcased Tom and Jerry on a flying couch which was suspended in the air by ropes attached to a helicopter. Akki, being the innovative genius that he is, went ahead and made the stunt a part of The Shaukeens!

The evidence to support the same is a picture of the same recently posted by the Entertainment actor. The picture came in with a tweet which read, ” Couch Potato!! I don’t think so!! Flying high with #TheShaukeens!Best Stunt, Best Feeling, Best join in our Fun 😉 ”

Akshay can certainly be given two thumbs up for that witty tweet and looking at the picture, we believe him all the way when he says he had fun alright. Well if not for having a flying carpet like Aladdin, the stunt master atleast got a flying couch! We bet the scene would be a sensational one, what say BollywoodLifers?