Akshay Kumar: Put put put!

Want to figure out the fuss behind Appudi podu podu’s greatness?

Akshay Kumar has acquired the rights to remake the hit Tamil song Apdi podu podu. In fact, he and Sonu Sood had been battling for the rights for quite some time. If buzz is to be believed, Akshay will dance to the new version of the song with his lucky charm, Sonakshi Sinha. He is sure it will be another big hit, as big as Chinta ta. What’s so great about this song anyway? What does it even mean? Do you know? We tried to figure out the appeal of the song by translating the first few lines into English and frankly, we were left confused. Is this what two big Bollywood stars were fighting for? Looks like we lost a lot in translation!

Appudi podu podu podu

Asathi podu kannaale

Ippudi podu podu podu

Izhuthu podu kayyaale

That way put put put

Lift put with eyes

This way put put put

Pull put with hand

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