Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn avoiding Sajid Khan?

Sajid Khan, Humshakals, Himmatwala, Housefull, Housefull 2, Heyy Babyy

All of these A-list actors have previously worked with the filmmaker. So why are they now shying away. Read on to find out…

Sajid Khan has found himself in a lonely spot suddenly. Grapevine has it that none of the A-list actors are eager to work with him. If we recall, Sajid recently delivered a hit with Humshakals. Then why are Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn not answering his calls? We wonder…

Our khabroos inform us that Sajid is all set to start work on his next directorial and he has the script as well as the producers in line, but none of the big stars want to work in his film. Our little birdies inform us that this is after Humshakals’ reviews. Actors with whom Sajid had a good rapport have deserted him. Akshay Kumar with whom he gave superhits like Heyy Babyy, Housefull and Housefull 2 is avoiding his calls. Ajay Devgn with whom he made Himmatwala is acting busy to speak to him. So much so that Humshakals actor Saif Ali Khan is also keeping a distance from Sajid.

Now we don’t know how much of this is true but if rumours are to be believed Sajid’s arrogance has something to do with this. We do know about his arrogance but we never thought that he will be standing alone even after delivering a hit film.

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  • Раиса Вербовецкая

    While other sites write that, Humshakals, – average, and officially received the status of “flop” you call a hit movie. So how then believe your website? You at least have checked the data before display news ((funny

  • John C. Harris

    Hamshakals is a very big flop and you misleading the audience that its a hit? What a bad write-out!!!