Akshay Kumar sends good wishes to Shilpa Shetty

Akshay, who is preparing to be a father for the second time, wishes his ex-flame on giving birth to a baby boy

When a news agency asked Akshay Kumar to react to the news that his former flame Shilpa Shetty had given birth to a baby boy, he was quite forthcoming. “It is very good news,” he said. He did not shy away from saying congratulations to his ex-flame either. “I hope everyone is healthy and happy and they remain so ever,” he added.

Akshay and Shilpa, who were on the verge of tying the knot, had a very bitter and public breakup. In the last few years though, the two have been seen being cordial to each other at events and parties. So this response from Akki doesn’t come as a big surprise to us.

Interestingly, Akshay’s wife Twinkle is also pregnant and the couple is expecting their second baby in November this year. We can’t wait to see if Shilpa reciprocates Akshay’s gesture and wishes the new parents when the time comes.