Akshay Kumar should play a baddie in the next ‘Dhoom’!

Akshay Kumar should play a baddie in the next ‘Dhoom’!

If none of the Khans – Salman or Shahrukh – want to dress in the cool villain’s garb, we think the Desi Boyz’s actor should lap it up. And it’s purely coz it will benefit him more than YRF

While people from Yash Raj Films have declared that neither Salman Khan nor Shahrukh Khan are being considered or have been approached for the last two films of the Dhoom series, Bollywoodlife readers have loved the idea. Fans of Sallu and SRK say that they would definitely like to watch their respective idols as a cool villain. But we think they should not be Dhoom villains. There is one superstar, a gentleman called Akshay Kumar, who desperately needs the shine of a blockbuster in his currently monotonously dipping filmography. And a performance-oriented role that will re-instill the faith of filmmakers and his fans in him that he can do a lot more than cracking silly gags and beating dumb goons will be most useful. So what better film than a Dhoom 4 or 5?

Not only have both Dhoom films been smashing hits, they have catapulted the bad guy’s career to a higher level. Remember what it did for John Abraham (Dhoom) and Hrithik Roshan (Dhoom 2)? And in recent times it’s become quite hep and happening to play dark and nasty characters – Rishi Kapoor in Agneepath is the latest case in point. At the moment though, we think Desi Boyz‘s star Akshay needs something similar to stop constant criticism for his banal projects. Perhaps Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2, where he is signed on to portray a gangster could do the deed, but as of now no one knows when the film will take off. So we think that Akki should make the right moves now to land a role in Dhoom 4, salvage his lacklustre career and take the spotlight off his reportedly rocky relationship with wife Twinkle. Don’t you agree?

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  • Sunil

    dont agree and this is mere speculation, nothing worth reading

    • selena

      Akki’s the best for this role and sunil you are wrong!

      • prince Gwalior mishra

        thanks yrf for choos to akki

        • Divyesh

          1st chas shoud e for Akki
          2nd Chance for Sallu

  • Jolly

    Akshay will be great in any role. It is the Yash Raj camp that have an attitude problem with Akshay Kumar. They are too heavily complexed with the Khans.
    Media are paid by the Khans to hype their films whils Akshay is an ordinary guy who just want to make films for the general public.

    • Alpesh

      I defiantly agrees with you brov the khans and kapoors are paying money to media thats why there movie reviews are much better than the other star recently a movie call ek deewana tha wich is much better movie then dabbang and ra1 still its not given good reviews by critics when its already been twice blockbuster in regional cinema

  • rehan

    I never understood why never approached akki for dhoom series. He is a fittest and a guy who does mindblowing stunts and martial arts fights as well as being a good actor and handsome looking. I heard aamir khan is learning parkour for the film, but why opt for aamir when akki would of been the easiest choice, akki is already a trained in parkour and he would look more convincing than amateur aamir khan, picking aamir means a long long wait.

  • usama

    Akshay karega dhoom 4 me role hahahaha

  • Ravina

    Akki is great acting in villion role every body know

  • Waseem

    Akshay ko lene dhoom me yash sir

  • Wastal Aryan

    Waw.super…… Akki is all rounder of bollywood…………good choice …….

  • Sam

    Akki in dhoom 4 its awesome……. He is the best actor for dhoom for 4 and amir khan in dhoom 3 will be a flop…

  • Cool

    Yeah nice 1 man akshay will surely rock the film with his khiladi image n action and comedy romance everything Akki rocks will love to c him on dhoom 4…

  • anan

    dosen matter he does dhoom or not these khans cant compete him in the genere called ACTION my akki is the undisputed king of action in this whole world .

  • Prince Hammad

    Damn Good
    Love U Akki
    U r the perfect villain for Dhoom

  • Muzakk Muzakkir

    bollywood ka khiladi …..
    Akki is a great Actor of Any Role…..
    Yash sir u r right way with Akshay Kumar…

  • madhu

    yes akshay kumar must in dhoom 4

  • vinay singh

    Bollywood king akshay ¤ i like it ¤ love u brother


    Yaa, akshay is the best for DHOOM-4 with roll of fighter.
    akshay only do it Rocking.

  • vishal

    yeh,akki will be best choice 4 dhoom 4

  • rahul singh dhek

    akki will b d best choice for YRF

  • eesha

    1st, akshay’s marriage is fine. shame on any idiot who is trying to create problems.

    2nd, he will deliver back to back super hits in 2012.hes got a great list of movies lined up.

    3rd, he is THE KING OF ACTION.so a dhoom movie will be great with him in a negative role.

    4th, he was damn sexy in negative roles in aflatoon,ajnabee and khiladi 420. so i ll be lucky to see him in a negative role again

    5th, aamir is going to rock in dhoom

    there, all said.

    • Jaideep

      i agree……

  • Usama

    Akshay kumar jab karega villain ka role tab hoga baap ki entry akki bole to akki

  • vikram

    YRF SIR,I think akshay kumar is a perfect choice for Dhoom 4 and Dhoom 5.I advise to YRF signed to akshay kumar it’s break the all records.ALL THE BEST

  • akshay

    sahi hai akshay is right choice for d baddie in dhoom ,or fir akshay ka villan avatar aap log aflatoon, ajnabee me dekh hi chhuke ho agar akki dhoom karte hai to bollywood ke saare record tutenge ……………..30CR in first day first show and 300CR in a week ………….pakaa

  • Arpit

    No need for akshay kumar to do a dhoom series as yrf s always partial to akki tashan starts the downfall of akki n no need to do a yrf movie. Writer all the film maker have there trust in akki if u dnt have knowledge than let me inform u akshay kumar doing a movie with neeraj pandey called special 26,vipul shah working on script with akki, housefull 3 is in consideration,murgudas also working on script for akki,ashutosh gowarikar is also working on scrpt starring akshat kumar if this are not enought than will give u more information so be patient n akki dosent need towards yrf for succes he became superstar on his own not like srk who is successful because of yrf.

  • aury_941

    yrf makes films only with his “favs and populars” . akshay will be perfect for dhoom series but i send my all the best to akki projects so he can starts an his own brand of hits series so he’ll credits fantastic talent and wow actor he is. akki rocks and i always remember that these 2 years he tried diff type of films instead of other “actors” that plays t same things without take new risks n understand what audience really like.
    if akshay will do dhoom i’ll be very happy,if he’ll not do it anyway i’ll be very happy for his projects.

  • Sham

    Akshay kumar is the best choice for dhoom 4

  • ashish mishra

    acca hai agar vilen ye nahi to koi nahi khatro ka kiladi hi jindgi mai asli villan hai or ajnabee mai sabke 6 chudaa diye to ab kya hoga be rigt back for villen ……………………………………………………………………………….akki the lion & king of bollybood

  • ashish gwalior mishra

    akki the power of bollybood and thanks to yrf akki hi sahi choice hai doom3 doom4…… aal the best akki da ……………………………………………………………………….. and thanks to yrf..

  • Ranjeet .

    I think Ajay devgan is best option for a supervillane and a real thief role for dhoom-5,because he allready played a best and powerful negative role in films…Kakhee,Quammat,Deevaangi,Blackmale,OUATIM….these are the best negative roled films for Ajay sir…..

    • Ajay

      ur right bro ajay devgan is the right guy for dhoom 5 i totally agree with u thanks a lot for supporting ajay devgan………….

  • Ahmat

    Saya feen berat aksay kumar you cool

  • pawan


  • Don

    I think if director of DHOOM use shahrukh in role of abhishek batchan and use akshay kumar as negative role and for women roles use preity zinta and karina kapoor in DHOOM 4 ,surely DHOOM 4 will be the best action film of the year in whole of the world,I promise you …..

  • prasad

    i want to see akshaya kumar in doom movi

  • prasad

    i want to see in dhoom movi a group of stars like srk,sallu,askhi,amir khan,hirtik,

  • zul ziran

    better is to use EMRAAN HASHMI in Dhoom 5…. as he is best in negative roles….. like once upon a time in mumbai….. so EMRAAN HASHMI for DHOOM 5

  • Hasnain Sayed

    Yes, i totally agree with the idea.Akshay would be fine after Aamir Khan plays the role of a villian in Dhoom3.Aamir is perfect for Dhoom3 whereas Akshay would be fine for Dhoom4 and Rajnikant would be fine for Dhoom5.

  • Abay Isha

    yes u should play a baddie in the next ‘Dhoom’!

  • rahul baheti

    whatever play he plays he looks a smart guy………
    no matter if he plays a villain roll or a hero he will not be neglected as hero

  • rahul baheti

    whatever play he plays he looks a smart guy………
    no matter if he plays a villain roll or a hero he will not be neglected as a great actor

  • shilpa baheti

    you r always right rahul

  • sumansarkar

    your iam great fan or your tipe iam loking iam veary happy your iam sulut. suman

  • kami

    akshay kumar best for dhoom 4 akkhi is king of bollywood raja ha raja

  • prashant

    akki ke bina dhoom series no complete.

    • mayur jamariya

      akki is the best in dhoom 4 becoz he is not hero he is original ……………..

  • Sangram Nayak

    akki z ri8 choice for dhoom 4

  • Tarun Sharma

    i want to see akshay kumar because agar yae aa gya then sabse dangerous stunt hongae movie kae andar and he has a good heiight and fit body and many more things

  • asish

    akki is the best for negetive roles…so akki shuold work in dhoom 4….AJNABEE, ouatim are the movies played by akki where he proved himself as a good actor in a negetive role…..he can use his action flick and a biker which can be a mixed entertainer for everybody. if akki works then 750cr will be the figure

  • pankaj yadav

    dhoom 4 in akki

  • http://www.facebook.com/wicked.panx panx sonkhla

    do a magic like a khiladi 420.. im waiting to see you as negative once again and band bja do heros ki .. thts like a cool villain with damn actions….. Movie Name I think should be “Dhoom 4 – the game of Khiladi”

  • AMAR

    akki is action hero so that akki play the role DHOOM 4

  • AMAR

    Akshay is best of khan’s, He is real action hero

  • sumit

    Akshay kumar is the best option for the movie DHOOM