Akshay Kumar sympathises with Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan

Akshay Kumar sympathises with Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan

The Rowdy Rathore actor feels the public and critics were harsh on the stars’ recent action films

In an interview, Akshay Kumar said that his heart bleeds when films, where actors have physically toiled very hard, fail at the box office. The Rowdy Rathore action hero was inferring to his latest buddy, Shahrukh Khan (the two superstars shared great camaraderie at a recent Indian Premiere League match in Pune) and co-star of his films like Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Saif Ali Khan. The Khan actors’ respective action movies – RA.One and Don 2 and Agent Vinod, didn’t bring in the cash returns they had expected.

“I have nothing but great respect for actors like Saif and Shahrukh. Their action scenes (in their movies) have been more than supreme,” said Khiladi Kumar and later added, “I just wish people understood what they would have gone through to make these films, maybe then they would be kind.”

But that wasn’t all, Akshay continued, “I salute every single character in Rowdy Rathore. Right from the action stunts to the songs, none of it has been an easy ride for us. We have had some rough situations, but every drop of sweat has been worth it, and now we just pray it gets the appreciation it deserves.”

We hope so too. But we feel Akshay’s sudden plea to the media and public to be kind to actors and their movies comes from the nervousness he has for his own action film, Rowdy Rathore, that has so far generated mixed reviews. Don’t you agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • deepika

    Why do people say Don 2 was flop,it was hit and some sites called it as super hit too,it was really a great movie.

    • Suhail

      Dude i agree wid u! Don 2 was superhit movie!!! Even Ra.one is also a Hit Movie!!!

    • alexander

      don -2 flop hai bakwaas movie hai to flop hi hogi na

      • farah

        Don 2 was super hit ,guys,it exceeded 110 crores in India.

  • ck rao

    Rowdy rathore trailer looks kiddish and in the trailer while sonali dance, it almost seems entire floor is shaking. Director should have given less dance moves or no shaking legs to her so that film would not have got screwed. Even akshay is shouting more like kid in trailers and saying ‘Dont Angry me!!!’, boss you are angrying audience who pay big bucks to watch movie!

  • kishor

    akshay samajh ta he ke wo bahut bada superstar he…thats why he gives sympathy to srk…srks bed films doing well so he is very jeleaus..

    • alexander

      sab ko pata hai srk ki okaat kya thbhi to salu aur akki se use dae lagta hai ipl main hi dega leta be tu jayada samjdaar banta hai

      • ritesh

        alexander tu motherchod hai. sala tuja comparison ata hai ba? no doubt akki is a mindless suprb comedi actor bt srk belongs from different level actor.

  • Mary

    wake up who said Don2 flop its hit. it was a great movie and i love RA one

  • sunil

    i dont agree with you. Rowdy Rathore buzz is strong, please read box office india

  • DON

    In india it is Super-Hit.

    But DON 2 is ‘Blockbuster’ in overseas with an Earth shattering opening week of $ 9.47 million [approx Rs 50.43 cr].

  • eesha

    no we dont agree. RR will be a mega hit.

  • kazi raihan newaz

    Ye alexender motherchod kaun he? isko akshey jaisa actor ka movie accha lagta hai…sala tu movie samajta hai kya???sala jarur gay hoga….

  • Mannu

    for goodness sake!! don 2 and ra one were hits, maybe not blockbusters but at least they were commercial successes! what is this hullabaloo about them not generating enough money as expected?? They are also 100 crore grossers!!

  • shila

    Akki is not a nice looking and he is not actor even,what he want to do with SRK and SAK. He did some movies with katrina
    and people went see for her not for him,what he is thinking about himself.

    • rayan

      You have optical nerves checked out.

      • Satyajit

        LOL…gud reply Rayan to Shila…Akki luks better the the two Gay cartoons…ROFL

    • Sarah

      You’re a fool, but cannot be blamed for that!!
      Maybe your jealousy has your eyes shut!
      Akki is the only good-looking and hot male of Bollywood.
      The attractiveness, hotness, being handsome and sexy are part of him, originally!

    • rajesh

      handsomeness, hot looking, dashing face and hairstyle was the main reason why a producer took him to his film after seeing one photo, despiite no connection, his tall height, chiselled which used to look like tom cruise twin brother, amazing physque and his modelling background, akki was the first proper handsome tall hero who could dance and also pack a punch, and he still looks as good even though he’s an actor who is in his mid 40s, if you see saughand, check how he looked. srk on the other wasn’t considered a good looking guy but was talented experienced tv action and made romantic films to build popularity with women. Otherwise no one would of look at srk if he wasn’t famous, but yes definately they would look young akki or the old akki.

  • rayan

    Ra One and Don 2 were very childish movies. Agent Vinod was OK. You Indians are funny/unrealistic and crazy

  • bavaa

    akki besst

  • asd

    akkkki great acter rr is suuppeer move

  • Hoi

    What do you expect a chef to wear? A tux? A tail-coat? A blsbeaal jersey? Imagine if this show was hosted by Salman! The producers would have saved money on the tablecloth costume as well.