Akshay Kumar to be dad once again!

Akshay Kumar to be dad once again!

So what if he has been delivering a never-ending string of flops? The Khiladi Kumar has a reason to smile now as wife Twinkle will soon present her hubby with a new ‘production’, we hear

When our khabroo spotted Twinkle Khanna – the wife of Desi Boyz hunk Akshay Kumar – at a social do recently, he was taken aback for a mo. Big surprise! The always-stylish and slender lady was seen with a tiny mid-bump, which suggested that the actor-turned-interior-designer was expecting a happy arrival at some point in the not-too-distant future. Akki and Tina have a nine-year-old son, Aarav, and it seems that the smoking-hot pair has decided to give him a sibling to defend with his ace karate moves.

After marrying in 2001, the star jodi has been dubbed one of the cutest pairs in B-town. And now Twinkle’s baby bump is loudly giving the naysayers a run for their money and declaring that the couple is still very much in love with one another. The soon-to-be addition to the Kumar family must have brought a big smile to Akshay’s face, even though wifey-dear is reportedly not totally comfortable in her current state. After all, the macho star has not delivered a hit in the recent past and the happy news of a baby must have given Akki a reason to celebrate. We would like to wish Tina all the best of health for her and the baby-to-be and congratulate the daddy and mommy to be. We also hope that the baby brings lots of joy and a bit of luck to Akshay – may he start shining on the silver screen once again!Subscribe to me on YouTube



    Congratulation Akshay!! U’re welcome 2 ‘FATHERLAND’

    • Maria

      The only decent person on this page! :)

  • Raja

    Never ending string of flops? Did you mean your SR paiKhan? Ouch! Housefull, Thank you and even Desi boyz all made more money than your filthy paiKhan’s movies! Everyday, you filthy numb nuts come up with some hatchet job on Akki. Will you toilet cleaners get a life?

    • akki is a git

      Ra one did a business of 200 crores ! my name is khan is the biggest overseas movie ! don 2 is a hit ! as to this housefull was a semi hit and desi boys and thank u are utter flops ! just becoz u are fool doesnt mean every one is !!

      • Ralph

        You are a joke! SRK’s slave I see.. Ra one was a FLOP.. Don 2 was mediocre.. and yet, his slaves are still talking BullShT

    • Ralph

      Absolutely CORRECT!

  • Maria

    Your all so BLOODY RIDICULOUS! Cant you just congratulate the guy! Seriously get over Ra.One and Don 2!!

  • Ruti

    I hope this time it’s true. There were similar rumours last March about Twinkle’s pregnancy which never materialized!

  • pankaj

    best wishes to your new unborn baby