Akshay Kumar wants 75 paisa…

The actor is all set with his new release, Housefull 2 this week. Although we aren’t impressed with the music of this one, we wonder what happened to those quirky and cheesy songs Akshay Kumar’s films had at one time

From begging for 75 paise from his lady love to complaining about the samosa not being stuffed with enough potato, Khiladi Kumar has done it all. We picked up a couple of Akki’s songs and decided that his films may have nada content, but his songs are supremely high on entertainment. Here are a couple of his chartbusters that have managed to blow our minds away and, yes, we do hum and translate them every once in a while when we are in a goofy mood…


Zaher hai ke pyaar hain tera chumma – Sabse Bada Khiladi

Poison or love is your kiss

Barah aana de, barah aana – Insaaf

75 paisa give me, 75 paisa

Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tera rahunga oo meri Shalu – Mr and Mrs Khiladi

Till the time there’s potato in the samosa, I’ll be yours oo my Shalu!

Kyon paisa paisa karti hain, kyon paise pe tu marti hain – De Dana Dan

Why you do money money, why you die so much for money

Volume kam kar papa jag jayega – Housefull

Lower volume or else daddy wake up

Na hum Amitabh, na Dilip Kumar, na koi hero ke bacche; hum hain seedhe saadhe Akshay Akshay – Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

Not I Amitabh, not Dilip Kumar, not any star’s son; I am straight and plain Akshay Akshay