Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786 promos banned in Pakistan

The Pakistani censor board has asked theatres to remove posters and not air promos of Khiladi Kumar’s soon to release movie

Akshay Kumar’s fans in Pakistan would be disappointed as the action star’s latest flick Khiladi 786 has been denied permission to air its promos and trailers on television. The Pak censor board ordered all the theatres in the country not to air the promos as the film might offend the Muslim community. The censors announced that although they have banned the trailers, they might allow the film to be released after they remove the number 786 from the title, which is a holy number, and auspicious to Muslims.

Earlier too, Pakistan had banned Bollywood films that showed the country in poor light. Salman Khan’s spy flick Ek Tha Tiger and Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod were barred in the country as they featured rogue Pakistani agents.

Well, too bad for Akki’s fans since the Khiladi is no rogue agent in the film. He is in fact, a bumbling, angry cop called Bahattar Singh who is about to wed a local goon’s sister. Anyway, we hope the movie soon finds a release in the country that shares the same passion as India, despite all the tensions between the two.