Alas, no GANDU!

The film that has generated so much controversy will not be shown at the Naya Film Festival after all

Sorry Mumbai. The planned Gandu screenings have been called off.

The organisers’ official statement:

The Gandu screening was planned at a multiplex. We usually get exemptions for the international films that we screen at various film festivals. But, for Gandu, we couldn’t manage to get censorship exemption. Internationally, the film is winning accolades, but we can’t screen the film in India. Therefore, to bring artistic cinema to a discerning audience/critical mass, we thought of an idea: To screen the film at a preview theatre, which is already exempted from censorship, and keep it open for the cinema lovers. Thus, we could stay within the purview of the law and still ask the right questions. But here we are. The film is not being screened today. Legally, we are all sorted to screen a film in a preview theatre without selling tickets, but still, we are unable to screen the film because we have been denied police protection and the theatre authorities are justified to stall the screening to protect their interest. Enlighten’s position is not of senseless defiance, indulgence in counter-culture for the sake of it, or of rebellion – but of the simple-minded promotion of an artist’s voice. Through art, artists and cultural platforms, social perceptions will change and acceptance will creep in – allowing space for all forms of art. No Hussain will have to flee; no film will have to be banned. Thanks for being a part of the beginning of the continuing cultural enlightenment.

Cheers and Peace,

Pranav Ashar

Enlighten Film Society

Naya Cinema Festival

The Performance by the Gandu Circus, Director Q’s band, is still on – since that does not contain any sexual or explicit scenes!

30th July, 8.30 pm, Mumbai Times Cafe.