Ali Zafar: When first film became a hit, people in Pakistan realised that it is possible to make it big in India

Ali Zafar: When first film became a hit, people in Pakistan realised that it is possible to make it big in India

The Pakistani actor is paired opposite Yami Gautam in his upcoming film that releases this week

Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar says after his first Hindi film got good response, people of Pakistan realised that it was possible for artists from the neighbouring nation to make it big in India. Ali made his acting debut in Hindi films in 2010 with Tere Bin Laden, which was a hit. He was later seen in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, London, Paris, New York and Chashme Baddoor.

“I think when my first film became a hit, people in Pakistan realised that it is possible to make it big in India.

There is a misconception that every woman wears a ‘hijab’ and every man keeps a beard in Pakistan. I always think that nothing is impossible,” Ali said. “When it comes to India I have been welcomed here with open heart. I also get lot of appreciation for the work I do here in Hindi films,” he said.

Ali disagrees that the industry favours only children of stars and not outsiders. “It has been an interesting journey for me. At times I wonder whether I am really acting in Hindi films. Considering that I didn’t know anyone over here and more importantly, being from Pakistan there was nothing going in my favour. I could only bank on my sincerity, talent and my hard work and I guess I have been pretty successful in doing that,” Ali said.

Ali has a ‘no kissing clause’ in his contract while he does Bollywood films. “I have a clause that I won’t be kissing onscreen. In ‘London Paris New York‘, kissing was essential in the film and so they got a body double to do it. I obviously think about what people are going to feel like back home (Pakistan) and what they are going to think,” he said.

“She (wife) is very understanding. She sometimes comes down and joins me while I am here for my shoots. She likes my films… she loved me in ‘London Paris New York‘. My family has always been supportive of my acting career here,” he said.

Ali has an interesting slate of films lined up for release this year, including Total Siyapaa where he plays a Pakistani boy falling in love with an Indian girl, played by Yami Gautam. The film produced by Neeraj Pandey releases on March 7.

His next is YRF’s Kill Dill alongside Ranveer Singh, Govinda and Parineeti Chopra which is scheduled to release on September 5. Ali will apparently make a cameo appearance in the sequel to Tere Bin Laden.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Manoj Prasad Ghantasala

    I am disappointed to note that a team comprising of Indians ( Director: E. Niwas, Neeraj Pandey and producer Shital Bhatia) have employed a Pakistani to act when there are millions of equally talented Indians vying for an acting job. Why this love for people from our enemy country? I ofcourse will not be seeing this movie and will be encouraging my firiends and family members individually to boycott this movie altogether-In support of Mumbai 26/11 victims and victims of other terrorist attacks emanating from the terrorist state Pakistan. This is the least we Indians can do to send the message to the enemy. Stop all trade, talks with the enemy. Period. I condemn those Indians who support and provide employment to Pakistanis. Pakistanis are characterless, evil and downright untrustworthy. Born with a bomb in one hand and an evil in the being these traitors pollute the very earth that they tread upon.Lets banish the scum from our pure, holy motherland-India!

    • vvjn

      Ur stuipid manoj….or panchod. Manoj sounds like panchod

      • Manoj Prasad Ghantasala

        Its typical of people like you to post abusive comments in fake aliases -like terrorists who plant bombs and run away like rats

  • Manoj Prasad Ghantasala

    I hope and pray this film in which a Pakistani has played the lead role is condemned by each and every Indian and fails at the box office. May the curse of all victims of Pakistani terror befall on those that chose to employ and work with the enemy.