Alia Bhatt: I don’t think Randeep Hooda meant any harm

Hooda recently claimed that Highway ended up being an Alia Bhatt film

Randeep Hooda, one of Mahesh Bhatt’s protégés, had stated recently that Highway ended up being Alia Bhatt’s film instead of his. Alia says, “I don’t think Randeep meant to be spiteful. He is not a negative person. And we share a wonderful rapport. See, no one expected a performance from me. On the other hand Randeep is a renowned redoubtable actor known to give brilliant performance. So I guess I was the surprise element.”

Alia feels Randeep was absolutely essential to the film. “Let me tell you, without Randeep my performance in Highway would not have been what it was. And not one person has said Randeep was not brilliant in the film. I think Highway was as important a film for me as for him. I don’t think Randeep has any reason to feel upset.” Being the positive person that she is Alia thinks for a few second and concludes,“He was very excited about my performance. I don’t think he meant any harm.”

Alia Bhatt who is geared for her fourth release this year is not observing the holy fast during this month of Ramzan with her father Mahesh Bhatt. But she reveals she has done the holy fast in the past just to feel close to her father. Says Alia, “I did observe the Holy fast, because my father would fast and I felt if I did the same I’d be close to him. Interestingly my father observes the holy fast because he feels it brings him close to his mother’s memory.And I did it because it brought me closer to him. We would wake up early in the morning and eat together. That is a memory which I still hold on to.”