Alia Bhatt: I don’t want a guy who will push me down!

The Highway babe recently confessed her love and discussed her plans of marrying Ranbir Kapoor on national television

Alia Bhatt is still searching for her Mr Perfect. Just when we thought that Ms Bhatt had found a soul mate in her 2 States co-star Arjun Kapoor and was even making plans to get hitched to Ranbir Kapoor looks like love still evades this gal. Or at least that she has not found her dream man as yet. In a recent interview Alia described he “perfect guy”, clearing the fact that none of her linkups Arjun or then Varun Dhawan matched this list. So what is the babe looking for in her Mr Right? She said,“Coming from a family in which everyone has strong opinions, I don’t want a guy who will push me down. Besides, he has to be loyal and honest. They are the two most important qualities I want in my man.”

Well, looks like honesty and loyalty is a little too hard to get in the starry world. And speaking of opinions the Bhatt gal reminded us very much of her daddy dearest Mahesh Bhatt, hai na?