Alia Bhatt: Will she become a Bollywood diva?

Will Student Of The Year elevate her career? Will she work with her father, Mahesh Bhatt? What role does her mother play in her life? What life and career advice does Tarot give Alia? Click to read more!

Alia Bhatt is blessed with the supportive acting and beauty planet – Venus. The placement of this planet allows for growth and eventual success in her work as an actor. She will certainly be appreciated in Student Of The Year, but cards such as the Seven of Wands & the Four of Pentacles shows her ability to remain on top of her skills, enjoy them and look to remain grounded. She does feel that she should have done better in SOTY, but certainly cherishes the opportunity especially as she feels better equipped to now pave her own path in this industry.

The cards do indicate Alia eventually working with her father, Mahesh Bhatt, but this certainly will not be easy. The Eight & Five of Swords forecast future complications with projects materialising, but only through delays which would frustrate them both. In fact it is more likely that Alia will work in projects with others in the family which will do well.

Alia’s career is not going to be the smoothest. Instead, the Tower card, along with the Ten of Wands & Swords all represent the pressures and extreme hard work involved for her to capitalise on the start she has received. The journey will be tough, but she will always remain level-headed with her approach and will make sensible decisions, despite inconsistent outcomes.

Tarot is a medium for receiving direction and advice, so with Alia just starting off, what advice would the cards give her? The High Priestess explains the importance of the sound advice Alia’s mother, Soni Razdan will provide her. Taking heed of this guidance will mean stronger successes which will build stable foundations for her career. Her mother will remain practical and is a strong driving force in her life – all these qualities will prove to be the right ingredients for a positive professional and personal life. The Four of Cups & the Six of Swords also explain the importance for her to grab on to lucrative offers, as delays in taking decisions would mean that she would miss out on such chances therefore stifling her growth as an actor.

This is all just the beginning for Alia – 2013 has so much more to offer her and she has a lot to offer the fans in return.

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Photo: Vogue India