All you need to know about Kapil Sharma and Kamaal R Khan’s big fight!

It all started when the self-styled critic passed cheeky remarks at the nation’s loved comedian that didn’t go down well with the latter

‘Well that escalated quickly” aptly sums up our first reaction to the recent ugly spat between the Kamaal R Khan and Kapil Sharma. KRK’s japery is something all of Bollywood either ignores or ridicules. This self-proclaimed No.1 critic of films hasn’t shied away from passing lewd remarks on Bollywood actors and this time he has angered the forever-happy comedian!

It all began when KRK tweeted about Kapil Sharma and his upcoming Yash Raj banner film, “When YRF asked @NargisFakhri to do film with @KapilSharmaK9 She was laughing loudly n said sorry I don’t have dates.” And KRK didnt leave it at that because he was in the mood of picking a fight (just another day in KRK’s life) and tweeted, “SMS of Nargis- I was shocked to hear offer of YRF to do film with comedian Kapil Sharma. I think they forgot tat I was launched with Ranbir.”

Then what followed was almost natural. A miffed Kapil Sharma retaliated saying, “Dnt knw who is this @Kamaal khan Par bohot jaldi iska munh aur ghar tootne wala hai 🙂 cnt help it Punjabi blood :)” He further tweeted, “Call me…If you have guts…I will show to deal with a punjabi guy 🙂 BC”

KRK took this as the official bell for the Twitter battle to commence and descended to his infamous ways of hurling the most filthy abuses human race has ever heard. He tweeted, “My God a person @KapilSharmaK9 who Walks like a girl, who talks like a chutiya n who laughs like a Chakka will slap me. Main Darr Gaya bhai!” Yep you read it right, KRK single-handedly disrespected women and transgenders in one tweet. Kudos to you KRK!

What followed was a tweet from an irate Kapil who had clearly had enough of KRK’s tomfoolery. But it was too late to ask anything of the Ek Villain actor as it was time for his favourite hobby, tweeting profanities like a broken record. The bitterest man of Bollywood openly threatened Kapil to meet him at Lokhandwala and even blamed him for getting threat calls made on his private number. Kapil had obviously had enough for the day and started ignoring KRK on Twitter.

The Ek Villain actor even claimed to make a formal police complaint against Kapil Sharma but we don’t know if that happened for real or not. Well all we know now is that the Comedy Nights with Kapil host has moved on to more important things in life whereas KRK is still kissing and kicking random things on his Twitter page.

For more updates on the KRK-Kapil spat, keep watching this space!