Along with Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia abused a cricketer’s son?

The Salaam Namaste actor has lodged a complaint against her ex-boyfriend stating that he misbehaved with her in public and hurled abuses at her in from of their IPL team

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia‘s legal battles keep having new twists and turns every moment. The latest we get to know is that the Marine Drive Police Station have found another new CCTV footage, which shows Ness in conversation with Preity and a cricketer’s son. According to sources, the clip shows Ness in a heated argument with Preity and a cricketer’s son was a witness. Sources claim that the video shows Ness turning towards the underage son of a cricketer and talk to him also in a heated tone. So which cricketer’s son could it be? We wonder…

The police have yet not disclosed who the cricketer is but sources confirm that the police is unsure as to whether they should involve the cricketer’s son in this case or not. Involving the little chap might mean loss of studies and other important play time. Now we don’t know as to whether Ness is lying or Preity is exaggerating, but wethinks the young boy should be left out of the legal hassles. Only time will tell as to what happens of this case. Keep reading this space for more info on the Preity Zinta’s molestation case.