Amar Akbar & Tony is not a remake of the Bollywood classic!

The British independent film pays homage to Manmohan Desai’s classic Amar Akbar Anthony

Update: We received a clarification that the upcoming Independent British feature film Amar Akbar & Tony is not a remake of Manmohan Desai’s 1970 film Amar Akbar Anthony. The only similarity between the two is the title, which is an homage by director Atul Malhotra to the original film, and the friendship between the three main characters. While the original film was an action comedy, the British one is going to be a funny coming of age drama that celebrates the spirit of inclusiveness in British culture.

The earlier story: Manmohan Desai’s iconic comedy Amar Akbar Anthony has already been remade twice – once in Malayalam and once in Telugu. The movie, besides a funny and original script, is known for its themes of brotherhood and unity among religions. And it is this enduring quality of the movie that has prompted a British remake of the film.

Atul Malhotra, a British director of Indian origin, plans to remake Amar Akbar Anthony as Amar Akbar & Tony and will be using a mix of British and Indian actors to play pivotal roles. And like how the original film included a Muslim, Hindu and Christian character, this one too will be using religion as a backdrop, where the characters will represent Hindu, Sikh and Muslim faiths. British actors Rez Kempton, Sam Vincenti and Martin Delaney will be playing the three main protagonists originally essayed by Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna. Goldy Nota, Laura Aikman and Karen David will be playing their love interests – portrayed by Parveen Babi, Neetu Singh and Shabana Azmi in the 1977 hit.

Apparently, director Atul is a huge fan of the original and feels that the multicultural milieu of Britain will suit the film perfectly. Well, since Bollywood has shamelessly copied English films over the years, it’s time that the favour is returned, no? Jokes apart, we’re really looking forward to this fresh new adaptation of the ’70s comedy flick!