Ameesha is sexier than ever in ‘Chatur Singh Two Star’

The Patel gal looks slim and hot in the promos

Poor Ameesha Patel. She seems to be going nowhere both personally – since she broke up with Kanav Puri – and professionally – only one film, called Power, in hand. But she does have something to look forward to: her next release, Chatur Singh Two Star. It’s a Sanjay Dutt film and, as you all know, that usually means the female lead won’t have much to do. And it seems from the promo that this film is no different either. But there is still a sliver of hope, ’cause Ms P is looking sexier than ever! Have you seen the promo? She looks really hot dancing away in that blue mini gown. Even better than she did cavorting skirtless in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai. It’s been a long journey downhill since her debut film with duds like Yeh Hai Jalwa, Suno Sasurjee, Vaada and Tathastu. So it was no surprise when she announced earlier this year that she is turning producer. Or that she wants to act in her first production. (It’s not like she’s acting in anyone else’s production, after all.) Ameesha, Ameesha, forget acting. Just do what your first hero’s most recent co-star does: smile pretty and dress sexy. You’ll be a hit.