Ameesha Patel beats Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez in the hottest Race 2 girl poll!

Ameesha Patel beats Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez in the hottest Race 2 girl poll!

BollywoodLife did a poll recently, asking its readers to choose the sexiest chick in this Abbas-Mustan action flick

Ameesha Patel, who has been out of the limelight for a long time, is now back in the multi-starrer Abbas-Mustan flick Race 2. And if the results of the recent poll – Who is the hottest Race 2 girl? – conducted by are anything to go by, it looks like the audience has loved her glammed up avatar in the film. Ameesha beat her stronger contemporaries and co-stars Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez hands down.

While Ameesha received a whopping 63.49 percent of the votes, Deepika got only half of that (31.9 percent), and there were only 4.6 percent votes in Jacqueline’s kitty. While we must admit that we were surprised by the results, considering Deepika is currently a lot more popular, we are quite happy to see Ameesha come back into some kind of form. And we are sure Ms Patel is smiling away to victory after beating the long-legged lasses quite comprehensively.

View poll results below.

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  • aaaa

    No wonder! She is dressed less clothes than two other girls

  • giya

    no way i like deepika

  • Sahan


  • race 2 killer

    can’t believe this!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!
    looks like i am in dream and not reality by looking at the results.

  • Race 2

    LOL! Is this for real?! Jacqueline & Deepika are way better than Ameesha anyday!

  • RACE

    Lol I think Ameesha just voted for herself after all she does know this website

  • Kunal

    hahahhahahaa…… !! What a joke..!! Guyzzz….wake.up…!! I think..deepika.. Deserve… Dis position…!!!!

  • klinton

    FACTS : ameesha is beautiful and doesn’t need makeup, or favors from other co-stars to get roles, deepika can’t freakin talk ot act.

  • R@viSh@πk@√

    Ameesha is most beautiful woman on earth. glad she won in public voting also… her cherry role in Race2 left us more to desire fr. she will b back with a bang with ShortcutRomeo n Desimagic her own production movies

  • bhavesh prajapati

    AP is d bst…n yes picture abhi baaki hai mere dost..woh din dur nahi wen she ll outcast al

  • Kiran

    LOLOL. Ameesha or Amisha or whatever her name is a 40 yr old aunty. How she can she even be compared to YOUNG n HOT Deepika and gorgeous Jacqueline. The results of these polls doesn’t reflect reality. Anyone can vote any no. of times to win.Now that aunty is jobless, she must be sitting and voting for herself the whole day and trumpet winning this useless poll :-P

  • Atul

    Ameesha Patel was pathetic and horrible in race 2. She was the worst part of that silly movie. she is dumb for real to act like the sleazy secretary. Her scenes with Anil were vulgar and obscene to say the least. she looked like a total loser before Deepika and Jacqueline.All she knows is to flaunt her cleavage,midriff and thunder thighs. she’s too old to be judged hot.All she needs is a stylist and a shrink to fix her mid-life crisis!! The fact is -Deepika was super hot in race2. Period.

  • amit

    @ kiran “Anyone can vote any no. of times to win” this applies to all and everyone and get your facts right 1st. Ameesha patel is not 40, shes around 36 and she is damn hot proved not just by this poll. Take any poll on net involving ameesha and she beats all the other plastic beauties of bollywood by quite a margin. Men in real life desire for such naturally curvy yet toned bodies possessing heavenly beauty too
    AND “if you really think this poll is useless, you wouldnt comment on it” lolzz

    @Atul: You can scream even louder from a rooftop but cant prove your point. And you are deluded enough to not see the flood of compliments ameesha is getting for her sizzling race2 act. PERIOD.

  • amit

    and one more thing: just like one can vote any no. of times to win such polls, a single person can comment his/her frustrated crap multiple times using different IDs everytime. :)

  • amit

    @atul: and one more thing,that so called silly movie as written by you is gonna be a 100cr HIT in few days. PERIOD.

  • racer

    @ amit: agree with you. Both kareena and ameesha even in their 30s beat their contemporaries and other ladies in their 20s easily with their hot and sexy and stunning beauty

    • tahir

      deepika de bond che loooooooooool