Amita ka Amit: Why is Amit jealous of Siddhant?

Amita and Siddhant will be Radha and Krishna in the Janmashtami special episode of Amita ka Amit

Be it any festival, tellyland knows how to celebrate it with zest and fervor. On the occasion of Janmashtami, where almost every television show is going to give its viewers high level of entertainment then how could Amita Ka Amit be left behind.

The current track of Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit has Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) playing Radha on the occasion of Janmashtami and Siddhant (Chirag Thakkar) who is Amita’s choreographer is helping her to prepare the dance performance. But bechaara Amit (Nishad Vaidya) is getting all jealous to see his wife Amita matching steps with Siddhant who plays Krishna in the dance performance.

In the upcoming episode, Siddhant will realise that Amit has been holding back Amita and this is the reason why she is not able to give her 100 per cent during the practice. So Sid will confront Amita’s hubby and the two will have a dhamakedaar argument where Siddhant will tell Amit that a nerdy guy like him isn’t deserving enough to be Amita’s husband. After this, Amit will become all sad, but Amita like a perfect wife will assure Amit that she loves him the way he is.

Finally things will fall into place for Amita and Amit and the episode will end with Janmashtami celebrations which will be a grand affair with dance performance by Amita and Siddhant who will play Radha and Krishna.

So get ready to witness action, dance and of course some drama in the coming episode of Amita Ka Amit.